Author of “Sniper” Comments Apologizes to LaBarbera

Americans For Truth (and Concerned Women for America) received the following apology from South Dakota homosexual activist Barry Wick, author or the menacing “sniper” comments against AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera that were posted on lesbian activist Pam Spaulding’s website. After CWA issued a national press release Tuesday about Wick’s comments, Spaulding removed them, claiming that she did not know they were there. More than a few friends have observed that it strains credulity that a techno-savvy activist who meticulously monitors Americans For Truth’s website — in search of examples of alleged “hate” to post on her blog — was somehow unaware that a violence-encouraging post against AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera was sitting on her own site for three weeks.

The penchant of Spaulding, a Duke University employee, for mean-spirited jabs at ex-“gays” and Christian conservatives — whom she calls “AmTaliban” for “American Taliban” — places her among the most prolific putdown artists in a leftist blogosphere that specializes in bigoted and nasty name-calling. (Click HERE for a good write-up by former Washington Times investigative reporter George Archibald.) We’ll have more on that later, as well as further developments on this story. 

Following is Mr. Wick’s apology, which we accept: 

To Mr. Peter LaBarbera c/o Concerned Women of America … February 7, 2007 RE: Perceived Threat on Pam’s House Blend Blog



Dear Mr. LaBarbera,


I sincerely apologize for what may have seemed like a real threat on your person that I wrote on Pam’s House Blend. There is no sincere threat and I know of no sincere threat in existence from others. I am responsible for the hyperbolic language I used in an atmosphere of verbal pinching…unfortunately, my choice of language was shameful and not intended to do any real harm nor ever to give you the impression that I or others truly wanted to harm anyone. What I thought might be verbal pinching….really was far more and I apologize.


My language was over the top and I can understand how concerned you and your family and friends may have been. While we share opposing viewpoints on issues that affect our American culture, I have always stood behind my words and claimed responsibility for them. I was very wrong in this case and have always obeyed the laws of our state and the nation in expressing my viewpoints. There had been some good-natured joking about a very hurtful song posted on that website…and thinking my words would also be taken as so much hyperbole…well, they were not. As a new member of Ms. Spaulding\’s blog community, I got carried away with the atmosphere. I shall not return there.


We live in America. A land governed by law. We have differences about what the civil law ought to provide it’s citizens….but we are in agreement….that violence in any form is not the answer. I, too, have been threatened in my activist work of past years. I knew there was no serious substance to them and did not report them. You have used your vast power to swat a fly…and as that fly I feel swatted. I apologize to your wife and family for any fears they may have had. There was never any danger and I stand apologetic and humbled by my misadventurous writing style that has made a wrong turn. Please accept this as a sincere apology on all levels and that I hope this letter will put an end to who is responsible.


I heard your thoughts that perhaps the person writing the words was not a real person. Sadly, I am real…the words were wrong and were not taken in a hyperbolic, humorous context. Such “manifestos” are of a period that no longer exists in American social action. Further, I apologize to CWA for having to use its airtime and resources to tell this story to its audience. Nobody in the “gay” community would ever take what I said seriously. Trust me, any friends I may have made by my writing have now deserted me. I hope CWA will report this letter and its true sincerity to the same audience. I have truly supported non-violence in the gay community and continue to do so to this day.


If you have an question about my sincerity, feel free to call me at my home number below…anytime to hear these words from my mouth. As a part of the actions I am taking today to assure that I shall not run afoul of my poor creative writings, I have resigned from Pam’s House Blend and apologized to her for violating her rules. I am sincerely apologizing to you and your family. And I sincere apologize to anyone who thought my words were in any way a true reflection of my past actions or future actions nor are they reflective of everyone I know in the gay community. They are not. At 55 years old, I should know better. And this incident of my own creation has taught me another life lesson. I, too, am the father of three children who are now providing me grandchildren (four). I always taught them to accept responsibility when they did something wrong. I was wrong…and what I wrote was not truly intended to frighten or reflect my deepest feelings.


Please accept my apologies. I can appreciate that you might think I am a radical. Perhaps more in past years. Certainly not now and certainly not what the words may have appeared to represent. I humbly ask your forgiveness.


In All Sincerity, Barry G. Wick [address and phone number given]

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