Irish Boy, 14, Arranges Sex with Adult Men Using Gaydar

It would be worthwhile to read this article in its entirety to appreciate the writer’s perspective:

  • Adult men having sex with a 14 year old boy is viewed as consensual,
  • The boy’s family is neither loving or supportive in interferring with his Gaydar experimentation,
  • The police have traumatized the boy,
  • The newspaper who exposed 40 adults answering an ad from a 15 year old were sensationalizing,
  • The boy himself is blamed for manipulating and intimidating adults, and
  • Homosexual pedophilia/pederasty is condoned — after all, the age of consent in Spain is 13; in Malta it’s 12.


Excerpted from Gay Teen Sex Scandal Shocks Ireland, published Mar 5, 2007, by the pro-homosexuality UK

…A 14-year old boy was caught having sex with older men that he’d met through Gaydar…

His mother went through his mobile phone messages and found saucy texts from a number of men whose numbers were saved in the phone. She went straight to the local police station and made a complaint.

…Police seized his phone and computer and identified at least eight men who had been in touch with him…

He claims to have hooked up with two men and that on one occasion he romped at home while his parents were away. Two men in their 40s – a language lecturer from north county Dublin and a truck driver from Rathfarnham – were arrested and have admitted having sexual relations with the boy but deny they were ever in his house…

…The Sunday Tribune…set up a false profile on Gaydar to entrap gay men… The article was titled ‘Open Season on Irish Teens’ and charts the communication that occurred when the publication used Gaydar to pose as 15-year-old ‘Davey’.According to the Tribune “their astonishing stories of depravity reveal the predators’ methods”.

The article raises a number of issues, none of which the publication chooses to explore. Yes, sex with a minor is illegal, but 15 is not 11 and paedophilia is defined as ‘being sexually attracted to children’.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this would be a non-story in Denmark, France, Greece or Poland, where the age of consent is 15. It would prove even less sensational in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Portugal or Iceland where the age of consent is 14. In Spain you can have gay sex at 13 and in Malta, the age of consent is 12.

While it’s possible that a 15-year old might be very vulnerable, they can also be very manipulative, wily and violent. There are many adults, including gay men, who would feel physically threatened if a male teenager approached them on the street…

There’s little doubt that the boy will be scarred for life following this incident and it’s not the fault of Gaydar, or the men who foolishly hooked up with him. It’s not even the fault of his loving but horrified mother.

That boy from Sword will suffer long-term damage because anti-gay sentiments are rife in the playground and schools in the UK and Ireland have yet to teach children that it’s okay to be gay.

Until then, gay teenagers will continue to be two to three times more likely to commit suicide than their classmates…and more likely to be putting themselves at risk by seeking sex with much older men — either online or in cruising grounds. I should know, I used to do it myself.

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