After Church on Sunday: A San Fran Spanking Party…

While you were eating lunch after Sunday worship, Folsom Street Fair (part of San Francisco’s sadistic “leather” subculture) was hosting a “Spanking Party” (at 1 pm on Mar 11, 2007) — just a regular event. The site is far too vulgar for us to link, as are all things Folsom. (Every year, Folsom sponsors two sadomasochism-celebrating “street fairs” in San Francisco — complete with open displays of whipping, bondage, etc. — which are blocked off by the city. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.)

You may be interested to learn that this filthy organization receives corporate sponsorship from:

  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Miller Lite
  • Cuervo

Given the beer and liquor industry’s huge support of organized homosexuality, maybe this is a good time to become a tee-totaler, if you aren’t already…. — Peter LaBarbera

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