Newton North High School Hosts “ToBeGLAD” Day, Distributes Pro-“Gay” Pamphlets

From our good friends at MassResistance, published Mar 14, 2007:

Suppose your son came home from school one day with a pamphlet — given to him by the school. Suppose it told your son:

Men who call themselves gay are sexually attracted to and fall in love with other men. Their sexual feelings toward men are normal and natural for them. These feelings emerge when they are boys and the feelings continue into adulthood. . . “I don’t remember exactly when I first knew I was gay, but I do remember that the thought of sex with men always excited me.”

“I had to reject a lot of negative heterosexual and religious programming that made me feel lousy about myself as a gay person. I began to like myself by meeting other gay people and going to a gay support group.”

“But it is crucial to be honest with yourself. Just as self-denial costs you, coming out pays off. Most kids who accept their sexuality say they feel calmer, happier and more confident.”

This was given out to students at Newton North High School in December, during an all-day “Transgender Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Day” event (which the school called “ToBeGLAD Day”). By order of the principal, parents were not allowed to attend. The pamphlet also lists places kids can go to meet homosexuals.

How would something like this affect a kid who might be going through a confused and vulnerable time in his life? Well . . . the school isn’t interested in what YOU think. And since the recent ruling in the David Parker lawsuit, it will only get worse!

Here’s the pamphlet: I think I might be gay – now what do I do?

And here’s another one that was given out that day. This slick booklet is from [National Youth Advocacy Coalition, NYAC,] a national homosexual group targeting kids.

And there’s more to show you – this was just the beginning. Check the MassResistance website tomorrow (Thursday).

Are you going to stand for this? Right now, legislators are balking at supporting the Parents Rights Bill!! Are you going to let a bunch of cowardly Massachusetts legislators just look the other way, claiming they have “more important” things to attend to, and they “aren’t ready” to co-sponsor the new Parents Rights Bill (see below)? Well, if you feel strongly about this, don’t let them off the hook.

MAKE THEM support this. For example, email the above “pamphlet” to them, then call them up and make them answer for it! See our Take Action page and find a link to your representative’s webpage and contact info (including e-mail) by scrolling to the grid (item #5).

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