Bisexual Women at Higher Risk, Says Gay Task Force Bisexuality Report

Some nuggets from the latest 132-page report by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, bisexual health.” You might want to familiarize yourself with these concepts before your kid learns them at school:

Key Terms (pages 2:2 and 2:9)

Bisexuality: the capacity for emotional, romantic and/or physical attraction to more than one sex or gender. That capacity for attraction may or may not manifest itself in terms of sexual interaction.

MSMW: men who have sex with men and women (including transgender people)

WSMW: women who have sex with men and women (including transgender people)

Sex: a person’s sexual anatomy as male, female, both or neither. Transgender people and people with intersex conditions may have sexual anatomy that does not entirely align with the typical definition of male or female

Intersex: refers to a variety of conditions in which a person has or had reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the typical definition of “male” or “female”

Gender: the collection of characteristics culturally associated with being “male,” “female,” both or neither, including a person’s sex or sexual anatomy

Heterosexism: the assumption that heterosexuality is the “norm” and other sexual orientations are deviant. Often, homosexuality is viewed as in opposition to heterosexuality, rendering bisexuality invisible and irrelevant

Biphobia: the fear or hatred of bisexuals

Bi-invisibility: the lack of acknowledgement and ignoring of the clear evidence that bisexuals exist Key Terms

More important for anyone considering lesbian or “bi” sex:

Page 2:108

“Research shows that bisexual women have higher rates of drug use than heterosexual women. Some studies indicate that the rates are similar to those of lesbians and some are slightly higher.”

“In several studies, bisexual women report the highest rates of alcohol use, heavy drinking and alcohol related problems when compared to heterosexual and lesbian women. “

Page 2:109

“Bisexual women report higher risk sexual behavior than heterosexual women — such as having sex with a known MSM [men who have sex with men], sex with an HIV+ man, multiple male sexual partners, sex with IDU [intravenous drug user], sex partner who has had sex with a prostitute, less likely to report condom use with non-steady partner and anal sex. Compared to heterosexual women and lesbians, bisexual women have the highest rates of combining substance/alcohol use and sex.

“13.9 to 14.9% of heterosexual women smoke [whereas] 25.3 to 50% of bisexual [and lesbians] women smoke.

It appears bisexuality is decidedly not a healthy lifestyle choice. As always, God’s plan is better for life here on earth and for eternity.

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