HIV Positive Man Holds “Conversion Parties,” Deliberately Infects Others (Maybe Even a 16 Year Old Boy!)

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The Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard a series of disturbing allegations against a man accused of deliberately trying to infect 16 other men with HIV.

Excerpted from HIV Positive Man “Wanted to Infect”, published Mar 19, 2007, by ABC News:

Michael Neal, 48, is charged with infecting two people with HIV and deliberately attempting to infect 14 others.

The DPP alleges Neal told some of his victims he was intent on infecting as many men as possible with HIV to widen his pool of potential partners.

A witness said Neal boasted about breeding youth, meaning infecting them in Coburg toilets.

The witness said he did not believe him but Neal told him he had video evidence.

Victoria’s Human Services Department has told the court it only went to police with concerns about Neal when he was caught with child pornography…

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