I Support the “Day of Silence.” In fact, I Support 365 of ’em

by Daniel T. Zanoza, National Director, Republicans For Fair Media


On April 18th, a number of public schools across the country will hold a so-called “Day of Silence.”  The day was originally promoted by an adult homosexual advocacy group, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) with the intent of ending discrimination against students who were allegedly harassed because of alternative sexual lifestyles.

Though I do not support special rights for homosexuals, I do believe the concept of silence in our schools concerning the subject of homosexuality is appropriate.  In fact, I feel there should be silence 365 days a year–when it comes to the discussion of how individuals have sex.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if school children were not bombarded with propaganda from special interest groups, like GLSEN, which promote unhealthy and, some times, deadly lifestyles?

However, there are those who are using our nation’s public schools to advance their political agenda.  What was once considered unlawful private behavior is now being presented to children–in the third grade or earlier–as “normal.”

Some say we are living in a changing world, but who is doing the changing and for what reason?  Children’s lives should not be complicated as they try to understand why Johnny has two “mommies.”  It is sad when children are subjected to such psychological trauma.  Our nation’s young people should not be forced to share the collective guilt created by adults who put sex above the welfare of their children.

It is no secret that some believe the best place to change society is through our public schools.  Homosexual groups admit this is part of their agenda.  They feel children who have been taught to believe in moral truths need to be re-educated.  These special interest groups do not respect the religious beliefs of parents and their mission is to socially re-engineer society.

Thankfully, Americans are starting to fight back.  Led by a national coalition of pro-family organizations called “Not Our Kids,” parents are being encouraged to boycott the Day of Silence.

“The Day of Silence is a homosexual propaganda event that turns schools into ‘gay’ advocacy centers,” said Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans For Truth and Director of Real Civil Rights Illinois. “Education has already drifted too far from the basics.  Now many schools, under the rubric of ‘tolerance,’ are pushing a pro-homosexual ideology that discriminates against students holding a moral viewpoint opposed to immoral homosexual acts.

“At the very least, schools should be neutral on controversial issues like homosexuality,” LaBarbera continued.  “Sadly, many teachers and school administrators have now taken the side of the ‘gay’ movement–and are abusing their authority by influencing students in that direction.  The result is that kids are highly ignorant about key aspects of homosexuality: the tremendous health risks (especially for males), the rampant promiscuity, the fact that thousands of men and women have abandoned the ‘gay’ lifestyle, and the historic Judeo-Christian opposition to same-sex behavior.

“Parents can send a message to school administrators that they’ve had it with politicized, amoral education by pulling their children from any school that endorses or encourages the Day of Silence.  Parents, not schools, must guide the moral decisions of our children, and this is one small step in that direction,”  LaBarbera concluded.

What seems most apparent is those who call for “tolerance” are least tolerant themselves.  Homosexual special interest groups are openly attempting to become the surrogate parents in our society.  They believe their morals transcend those of others.

Therefore, I have a proposal.  Perhaps there should be a moratorium [on activism] in our nation’s public schools for 365 days a year or, to be more precise, every day school is in session.

Classrooms should not be laboratories in the attempt to influence the morés of an entire culture.  Of course, there will be those who will say my position is extreme.  Imagine, believing young people should not be exposed to deviant alternative lifestyles is considered an extreme position.

Perhaps there should be more of a focus on the three R’s (reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic) in public schools.  Let’s leave the moral education of children to parents.

“Teachers and school administrators that allow students to be ‘silent’ in class and not participate, by default, give their endorsement to the politicization of sexual behavior–something that teenage students have no business promoting at their age,” said David E. Smith, Executive Director, Illinois Family Institute.  “Moreover, parents should be very concerned about how our schools are being used to push the radically liberal, pro-homosexual, pro-bisexual and gender-confused agenda on young and impressionable minds.  If schools are intent on allowing silent non-participation by students, Illinois parents either must get involved in their schools, or leave them altogether.”

Americans For Truth, Real Civil Rights Illinois and the Illinois Family Institute are all members of the national “Not Our Kids” effort.

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