Graphic Youth Flier Guides “Queer” “Boyz” on How to Engage in Homosexual Sodomies

TAKE ACTION: Find out if your child’s middle or high school is participating in or endorsing the homosexual “Day of Silence” Wed., April 18th and remove him or her from school that day to protest the promotion of unhealthy and immoral lifestyles to our young people. For more information on HOW to find out about the Day of Silence in your kids’ school, go to

By Peter LaBarbera

WARNING: Graphic, pornographic-like descriptions of homosexual perversions are contained in this flier for “boyz”— so why was it being distributed to young men? Why are homosexually-tempted teenagers being told that they are “superstars” and that “being queer is a gift”? And why are they being coached on how to “safely” perform sodomitic sex acts like anal sex, homosexual oral sex and even “rimming” — (licking their “partner’s” anus) — yet they are NOT told how deadly these immoral homosexual behaviors can be?


It’s time for everyday Americans to face the reality of homosexual perversions being promoted by “gay” activist adults to impressionable children. If you want to know why Americans For Truth so strongly oppose pro-homosexual youth/school campaigns like the “Day of Silence” (Wed., April 18th), study this “100% Hate Free” flier — created by Chicago’s leading “gay health” organization and passed out to teen boys at a homosexual street fair. Like me, you will probably get angry when you read it, but better to be angry and informed than naive and uninformed about the evils being promoted to young people in the name of “gay pride.”

Parents simply have no clue as to what lies behind that lavender curtain of tolerance and the dangers that lurk there. Depraved homosexual acts that were once taboo and unspeakable among adults are now being taught and promoted openly to kids. Folks, this is pure evil.

Anyone who has monitored the homosexual, bisexual and “transgender” movements (as I have done for the last 15 years) will not be shocked by this. GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which launched the Day of Silence, should be banned from schools for the reckless corruptions of youth it has already been a part of — see the story of their 2000 Massachusetts “Fistgate” scandal HERE. Again and again I have seen firsthand how recklessly homosexual activist adults promote their destructive lifestyle to minors. Such corruption of youth is unconscionable, but it serves the needs of the hyper-sexualized “gay” adult male subculture. (To be sure, there are homosexuals who will share our horror at this flier.)

Please carefully read each of the facsimile pages below of this “queer pride” flier that targets teenage boys with the message that it’s “cool” to be “gay.” Print it out and show your friends. Our online copy is hard to read, so we have transcribed the wording on each page below. This flier was distributed by the Howard Brown Health Center, the leading homosexual-oriented “health center” in Chicago.


  • Page 2: “You’re queer, you’re a SUPERSTAR”;
  • Page 3: “Being QUEER is a gift”; promotes schools “gay/straight alliance” clubs;
  • Page 4: Encourages youth to “come out” as “gay”: “Coming out is all about being freer and happier”;
  • Page 5: Guides “boyz” on how to perform oral sex on a male “safer” [WARNING AGAIN: GRAPHIC CONTENT, BUT THIS WAS BEING PASSED OUT TO YOUNG MEN!] The flier even guides “boyz” on how to “safely” perform the heinous act of oral-anal “sex” (“rimming”): “…by putting a DENTAL DAM over your partner’s pleasure holes before you get down for a good licking”;
  • Page 6: More homosexual perversion: guides the boys on how to prepare their body for anal penetration — by using lubricated “dildos,” etc. This is disgusting but read it if you can: youth should be told to avoid unnatural homosexual acts at all costs, not taught how to do them! And why after decades of “safer sex” instruction are “gay” men still dying in the prime of their life? Could it be that various homosexual sodomies are so lethal that they will never be “safe”?
  • Page 7: Advocates sex without condoms after a period of “monogamy” is established between partners, but “Agree to tell each other immediately if you do stray into risky sexual behavior outside of your relationship.” (True fidelity is extremely rare among homosexual men.) Once again tells boys that “Being QUEER is something SPECIAL…Now go find some GAY, BI, TRANS teems and other COOL PEOPLE to CELEBRATE YOURSELF! SPREAD THE WORD, STOP THE VIRUS, and SHARE THE PRIDE!





Page 2:


Text: “Superstars — BEING DIFFERENT IS DEFINITELY A PLUS! Being different is what makes you a SUPERSTAR! Especially if you’re young, queer, and proud, just like millions of other GAY, BI, and TRANS teens. OK, so you’re HERE, you’re QUEER, you’re a SUPERSTAR. Now what? Hopefully we can answer some of those questions. — Respect with a capital R — First off, respect yourself, and expect others to respect you. We are ALL UNIQUE and SPECIAL. If someone is RUDE to you because they have a problem with your QUEER PRIDE, remember that there are a lot of other people who are caring, welcoming, and respectful. For more info on where you can get in touch with QUEER-FRIENDLY folks and fun spaces for GAY, BI, and TRANS teens, check out the back of this brochure.”

Page 3:


Text: “[a question of self] — love — Second thing, LOVE YOURSELF! And others will come to LOVE you. Start by getting to KNOW YOURSELF and BEING COMFORTABLE with who you are. Get together with people who bring out the best in you. Find people who know that BEING QUEER IS A GIFT, but also a challenge. Two places to go for a dose of QUEER PRIDE: gay student alliances and support groups. And don’t forget to find yourself a QUEER-FRIENDLY doctor to keep your body and mind in good shape. STAY HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY! Start with the listings on the back of this brochure.”

Page 4:


Text:breaking down the closet door — Third, think about COMING OUT. It could really take a huge load off your mind. You won’t have to keep your feelings to yourself anymore. And that will make your life a lot more livable. Coming out is all about being freer and happier. But you may want to wait if you live with parents who can’t understand or if coming out might put your life in danger. Try to get some advice from other GAY, BI, and TRANS SUPERSTARS. Ask them what it was like for them to COME OUT and stay out! And remember to look at the back of this brochure for info on support groups that can help you along the way.”

Page 5:


Text:SAFER SEX — The Basics — [next to picture of condoms] It’s important to know that you don’t have to have sex to be GAY, BI, or TRANS. Being QUEER is about a lot more than just sex. You don’t need to cave in to people who pressure you into having sex. Third, if you’re wondering what SEX is like for GAY, BI, or TRANS SUPERSTARS, be sure to read on and play it safer! —

SAFER SEX 201 — SEX is SPECIAL. Especially if you’re OK with yourself, your body, and your partner(s). SEX can make for a really GOOD TIME. But there are some RISKS, like HIV and STDs. So take care of yourself: PLAY SAFER. Here’s HOW YOU CAN DO IT. Let’s start with ORAL SEX. HIV can be spread through oral sex. But using a CONDOM makes it much safer. You don’t like the condom? You can still play it safer if you AVOID CUM and PRECUM. Work your guy’s balls and shaft; move away from the head of his penis. If you still get some cum in your mouth, SPIT, DON’T SWALLOW. And remember NOT TO BRUSH your teeth for a few hours before or after ORAL SEX. Finally, when it comes to other STDs and ORAL SEX, play safer by putting a CONDOM on your guy’s joy stick. Or by putting a DENTAL DAM over your partner’s pleasure holes before you get down for a good licking. BI and BI-CURIOUS BOYZ, AVOID VAGINAL FLUIDS because they can spread HIV too. Ask some of the folks listed on the back of this brochure. Get the facts so you can make up your own mind. We don’t judge anyone.”

Page 6:


Text: HIV and STDs can also be spread through ANAL SEX. Before you get someone else to go up your butt, spend some time getting to KNOW YOUR OWN BUTT first. Start with your fingers, maybe a lubed-up PINKY. Work your way in and around till you can take two fingers. You can also try a lubricated DILDO or a BUTT-PLUG. And if you decide to share, put a new condom on the dildo each time you, or a buddy, takes it in. Want the REAL THING? Make sure you get your guy to work up your butt before he goes in easy. If you’re not relaxed and comfortable, it’ll hurt. So get him to work it good. Hint: You can never use too much lube. Not only is it safer, it helps everything feel better, too.

— healthy, happy sex — Remember: UNPROTECTED ANAL SEX is very RISKY, just like UNPROTECTED VAGINAL SEX, so play it safer! Use a LATEX CONDOM with lots of WATER-BASED LUBE every time you take it UP THE BUTT and every time you fuck someone.

— drugs — You don’t have to get drunk or high to party like a SUPERSTAR. Mixing chemicals and sex is a VERY RISKY thing to do. Sure, some drugs can make the music sound better and alcohol might make you feel less insecure around people, but DRINKING AND TAKING DRUGS DON’T MAKE YOU A QUEER SUPERSTAR! It might be tempting to use drugs to escape the homophobia from people who don’t respect us, but ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUGS CAN MESS WITH YOUR THINKING and even take you on A ONE-WAY TRIP TO THE E.R.! If you still want to use ’em, keep some condoms handy where you party, plan ahead. Tell your partner(s) straight up that you PLAY SAFER. You could also USE LESS stuff. Drink less or not at all if you think you might be having sex, or go check out drug-free venues and activities put on by QUEER support groups. The listing on the back of this brochure will be useful.”

Page 7:


Text: “lovin your man — OK, so you don’t want to play the field? Feel like it’s time to have JUST ONE GUY, just one and only one BOYFRIEND? That’s not something new for GAY, BI, and TRANS teens. It’s called m-o-n-o-g-a-m-y. And it’s a way of PLAYING SAFER. Here’s HOW YOU COULD DO IT, if you’re in a relationship, and thinking about losing the condoms. 1-Discuss monogamy with your partner. 2-After six weeks of monogamy, go TOGETHER and get HIV and STD tests. Keep using barriers or behaviors to prevent the exchange of semen/cum. 3-Pick up your results together and then give the condoms four more months (it’s a long time, but this way the test is most accurate). 4-At that point (around six months), get tested one more time. If you are both comfortable with your status, monogamy and have open communication in your relationship, then you can drop those condoms. 5-Agree to tell each other immediately if you do stray into risky sexual behavior outside of your relationship. It’s important to do this BEFORE you have sex again with each other.

— a final word — BEING QUEER is something SPECIAL. Something to CELEBRATE. Your SEXUALITY isn’t everything, but it makes you WONDERFULLY DIFFERENT. Now go find some GAY, BI, TRANS teems and other COOL PEOPLE to CELEBRATE YOURSELF! SPREAD THE WORD, STOP THE VIRUS, and SHARE THE PRIDE!”

Back Cover:


Text:PLACES WITH A SHOULDER TO LEAN ON — It’s not always easy to go it alone when you’re young and queer. Here are some places where you can go to get the help and support that you might need. Check ’em out. And pass on the word to other GAY, BI, and TRANS teens who might also need a helping hand. — Place sticker with appropriate adolescent referral services here.

— If you have any other questions about HIV/AIDS, feel free to call: Howard Brown Health Center’s Gay/Bi Men’s HIV Prevention Project, 3651 N. Halsted Chicago, IL 60613, 773.871.3300,”

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