Canadians Apologize to the World for Harm Caused by Legalized Homosexual ‘Marriage’

This is great, but the real “apology to the world” should come from Canada’s homosexual activists, who put their own misguided sexial affirmation goals above protecting traditional marriage and the welfare of children. Add to that their role in the destruction of freedom in Canada, which of course is sublimated to their selfish goal of forcing the acceptance of all things homosexual. — Peter LaBarbera


April 11, 2007


To the world’s leaders and people,


We, the people of Canada who support marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman, apologize to the people of the world for harm done through Canada’s legalization of homosexual marriage.


We are grieved and troubled as we consider the impact this is having in weakening the fundamental institution of marriage in countries and cultures around the world.  We understand that because Canada does not impose citizenship or residency requirements in order for same-sex individuals to be “married” here, couples are coming to Canada to seek legal sanction for their homosexual relationships with the intent of returning to their own countries to challenge those countries’ legal definition of marriage.


We understand that Canada is seen by people around the world as a country in which public policy is developed carefully and judiciously.  It would, therefore, be a natural assumption that in legalizing homosexual marriage our government and courts thoroughly considered the implications of this action through proper and extensive study of social sciences and facts.   But it is essential that the people of the world understand that this was not the case.  Our government and courts only considered adult “rights.” Among other things, the impact on children’s rights, children’s education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law were never fully considered.  Changes were thrust upon us by court actions followed by a vote that did not allow for a free vote of every member of our federal parliament.


Our warning to you, the people of the world, is to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in your own countries.


Forewarned should be forearmed.




Canada Family Action Coalition

REAL Women of Canada

United Families Canada

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life

Alberta REAL Women

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Third Watch Ministries

United Mothers, Fathers & Friends

Sault Ste. Marie – CFAC

Dawn Stefanowicz – Author   

MY Canada Association

Father’s Resting Place


Media Release:  REAL Women of Canada

REAL Women of Canada
“Women’s Rights Not at the Expense of Human Rights” 

NGO in SPECIAL consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

 Media Release

For immediate release, April 11, 2007

Apology for Canada’s Same-sex Marriage Legislation

It is necessary to apologize to the people of the world for the difficulties caused in other countries by the legislation in Canada which permits same-sex marriages. 

It is unfortunate that some foreign same-sex partners have come to Canada to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies and subsequently applied to the courts in their own country to recognize this so-called Canadian marriage.  Canadian marriage law does not demand residency requirements and this is being used by activists to attempt to change the marriage laws in their own country. 

There are many Canadians who do not, and will not, accept the marriage of same-sex partners.  Such Canadians will continue to work to restore the traditional definition of marriage defined as being between a man and a woman only.  To do so is not to discriminate against same-sex partners, since their relationships are markedly different from those of opposite-sex relationships, regardless of what the law in Canada states.   

The unfortunate results of the change in the legal definition of marriage in Canada, which came about not by the will of the people, but rather through the manipulation of the vote by both the former Liberal governing party and some of the opposition parties, have now become apparent.  The insistence that children in public schools be provided with biased and inaccurate information on the homosexual issue, and the continuous attack, by way of the courts and by current provincial government policies, on those who oppose same-sex marriage are but two examples of the detrimental effects of same-sex marriage in Canada.   

Canadians who do not accept the same-sex marriage legislation, and who grasp the ramifications of this legislation, both here and abroad, wish to apologize to the world by way of correspondence with the world leaders and the UN as well as other avenues, for the same-sex marriage legislation passed in Canada, and to give warning to other nations of the problems that this legislation is creating. 

– 30 –


C. Gwendolyn Landolt,  National Vice President, (905) 787-0348, (905) 731-5425                              (613) 236-4001

Media Release:  Canada Family Action Coalition

Calgary – April 11, 2006

“In today’s global village it has become apparent that certain people will use or misuse one country’s legislation for their own purpose in another country,” said Canada Family Action Coalition’s Executive Director Brian Rushfeldt. This is not acceptable.

Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) and a number of other organizations are issuing an apology to all countries of the world for the conflict and difficulties our Liberal instigated homosexual marriage law (misleadingly termed same-sex) has caused. 

“Redefining marriage has devalued all those marriages that were in place before C38 [the Canadian “Civil Marriage Act” for homosexuals]. And it has now has created a platform for activists from other countries to challenge their own laws,” said Charles McVety, CFAC’s President. 

Since Canadian marriage laws do not require residency, anyone can come from anywhere and receive Canadian documentation indicating they are married. Even though one country’s autonomy from other country’s laws is crucial, it is not being respected by some. 

Many Canadians have not and will not accept other forms of marriage apart from traditional heterosexual marriage. Canadians will continue to insist that marriage is a heterosexual institution exclusively. These Canadians will not give in to false arguments about equality and false accusations of discrimination, homophobia, and hate speech. Accusations that are typically used to defend this questionable law imposed by court actions and government manipulation. 

“The marriage law has laid a foundation to force educators to “indoctrinate“ children with false notions, to undermine most parents teaching on marriage, and to allow activists into schools to promote their own agendas,” says Rushfeldt. The rights and interests of children were never given consideration in the courts or parliament like it has been in France. “Long term results, will in our opinion, undermine the very essence of healthy sexual relations, strong family units, and common social good for the nation” said Rushfeldt. 

CFAC is issuing this formal warning to other countries against following Canada’s bad example of experimenting and re-engineering fundamental social structure without regard for its consequences. 


For interviews:

Dr. Brian Rushfeldt  – 403-295-2159  or Dr. Charles McVety  416-391-5000



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