It’s Elementary: If Every Parent Were to See this Video, the ‘Gay’ Agenda Would Be Crippled

By Peter LaBarbera

head_itselementary_01.gif Thanks to the technological wonder of YouTube (online digital videos), thousands of people across the world got a rare inside look at how pro-homosexual teachers and administrators indoctrinate very young children. Funny thing — and it’s the only funny thing about this story — is that the video clips in question are more than 10 years old. They come from an activist film called “It’s Elementary” made in 1996 by the San Francisco-based group Women’s Educational Media, which has been using this film and others to promote pro-homosexual teachings to young children in schools across the nation.

These video clips, posted by a racist and since taken down by YouTube, are now on my friend Brian Camenker’s “” website. Please watch them while you still can by clicking HERE. The URL is

“It’s Elementary” is a wickedly manipulative pro-homosexual propaganda documentary used to promote pro-“gay” teachings for schoolchildren — even young kids who don’t even know what sex is yet. The film shows actual lessons directed at elementary schools kids — in the classroom — of the sort that only a hardened liberal or homosexual activist would find unobjectionable.

The video is horrifying proof of how liberal educationists are turning the nation’s public (and some private) schools into pro-homosexual advocacy zones — beginning with innocent, young, malleable minds — to create a generation of pro-“gay” Americans who will help usher in the full “gay” political/cultural agenda, including “same-sex marriage.” Changing young minds through one-sided propaganda is GLSEN’s (the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) raison d’etre. (To read a paper I wrote for CWA in 2002 highlighting GLSEN’s radical agenda, click HERE.)

Background: ‘Gay’ Smear Campaign Begins 

Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a good man who promotes ex-“gay” therapy but who we fear is overly solicitous of homosexual activists’ hyper-sensitive complaints, pointed out on his blog (headline: “Racism on YouTube”…) that the man who posted the “It’s Elementary” videos on YouTube is a confirmed racist. This is terrible but only a secondary story line here.

Curiously, Warren offered no timely insights on the pro-homosexuality youth video itself, even as thousands of people across the country were circulating emails about the “brainwashing” videos; more on that later.

Camenker, who is an orthodox Jew, and I (a Christian) share a contempt for white supremacy; to us any kind of racism is a sin, just as all homosexual behavior is sinful. But the real story here is not who originally posted the videos. In fact, I can’t tell you the exact rules, but my hunch is anyone could have posted “fair use” excerpts of “It’s Elementary,” along with commentary, since the pro-homosexual film was in large circulation and has caused great controversy since its creation.

No, the real story is the shocking content of the videos, and that so many Americans apparently were, and are, unaware that such blatant indoctrination techniques already have been used on young children (in more liberal school districts) for so long. In the first video, you can watch as one young girl in a grade school in the People’s Republic of Madison, Wisconsin, expresses visible shock and angst as her (male) teacher informs her in the classroom that popular rock star Melissa Etheridge is a lesbian.

There is simply no excuse for forcing adult sexual ideologies on helpless kids in the classroom

Bennett Exposes True Agenda, Gets Smeared 

My friend Steve Bennett, a former homosexual and founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries, received the “It’s Elementary” clips from another group and then passed them on to his ministry members as an e-mail alert when they were still on YouTube (the original poster gave them makeshift titles: “Homosexuals Brainwash Children,” Parts I and II). Steve then sent out a second e-mail disavowing the YouTube poster’s use of the  tag “Faggot” to mark the video. 

Steve tells Americans For Truth that when saw the “faggot” tag and the fact that the same poster had put up white supremacy videos, he immediately reported the guy to YouTube; presumably, after others did the same, the shocking “gay”-indoctrination video clips were taken down and the racist was banned from posting again on YouTube.

“The video stands on its own merits,” Bennett told me.

Predictably, homosexual activists like blogger John Aravosis used the fact that the video was posted on YouTube by a racist to link the pro-family movement and groups like Concerned Women for America to racist hatemongers. Aravosis wrongly asserts that Bennett is a spokesman for CWA when in reality the ex-“gay” leader hasn’t acted as such for several years (and he was never a paid spokesman).

Truth is, Aravosis — who led the homosexual web assault on Dr. Laura Schlessinger a few years back — could write a book on hate, so bitter is he at pro-family groups for opposing homosexual behavior (which he has chosen to embrace), but that’s a story for another day.

Jeremy Hooper, a young homosexual blogger, echoed Aravosis, writing (emphasis his; the original links to racist videos are removed):

Our outrage is not because we have anything to hide with the “It’s Elementary” video and because our hidden “agenda” has been exposed. Our outrage is over the fact that Mr. Bennett linked to a clip of someone who also uploaded clips with titles like “Keep America White,” as well as one with the description: “A video celebrating Hitler and the National Socialist Movement.” What, do they think his antipathy for gay people is his one redeeming standpoint?!

…The point is that the YouTube user who violated copyright and misrepresented this “must see video” (as [[the pro-family website] calls it) is also responsible for tarnishing YouTube with some of the ugliest, angriest, most biased rhetoric that one could possibly disseminate. And Stephen Bennett, someone who is given respect by the organized “pro-family” movement, recommended that all of his good Christian followers support the work of this user.

Two observations:

1) Jeremy may think that the “gay” movement has nothing to hide with “It’s Elementary,” but the truth is that a vast majority of Americans and people worldwide would be shocked by these video excerpts. Saturation exposure of this video could cripple the “gay” movement, but if Jeremy thinks differently, we’d welcome his help in getting this video exposed widely to educate Americans on the “gay” agenda for young people in our schools;


2) How silly to think that Bennett or anybody who used YouTube’s efficient site to expose the evil of It’s Elementary’s homosexual propaganda “support[s] the work of this [racist] user.” What “work”? He posted a radical “gay” video, of which most people are unaware. Nobody in the Christian (religious) pro-family movement has anything positive to say about racism. Hooper keeps talking about “the man responsible for this video,” … Hello. The San Francisco group Women’s Educational Media is responsible for this video; they produced it! The sad fellow with racism issues merely posted excerpts from it online.

Bennett wrote me: “I clarified with my e-mail list in a follow up e-mail roughly a half an hour or so later to pay attention ONLY to the two videos I sent links to. I reported the nutty racist (who really needs prayer) before sending out my second e-mail. So, I have NO reason whatsoever to ‘defend’ myself against anyone. We aren’t ‘racists’ — everyone knows that — and the homosexual activists know that, too. They’re simply troublemakers and ‘bullies’ who need serious help.”

To that I add: how sad, or should I say how “queer,” that the main response of “gay” activists like Aravosis and Hooper to a video that shows young kids getting brainwashed — in the classroom — to accept homosexuality as normal is to smear pro-family leaders like Steve Bennett who are trying to bring this terrible injustice against children to the world’s attention.

More on “It’s Elementary” — there are worse excerpts than the YouTube segments — and how homosexual activists target VERY young children in future postings.


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