Illinois Review: Falsani Takes a Break to Suck her Thumb

The following piece was published Saturday by Illinois Review editor Fran Eaton: 

Falsani Takes a Break to Suck her Thumb 

Cathleen Falsani ( apparently is taking the weekend off from blogging to suck her thumb.    She deserves a rest.  She actually should take more than a weekend off.  Her employers at the Sun-Times should mercifully give her a l-o-n-g time off. 

This morning on her blog, she lists all the nasty things Christians called her while defending Rev. Jerry Falwell after they read her vicious column this week.  Falsani’s wallowing in a self-pity pool this weekend, sucking her thumb and contemplating how mean “Jesus followers” are to her.

Okay, Cathleen didn’t call Jerry Falwell a “nappy-headed ho” like Imus.  She didn’t joke about sexually assaulting public officials as others did.  Cathleen merely celebrated the Rev’s passing with a chorus of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” and mocked the life ministry of an evangelical leader.  She still should be fired.

Maybe Cathleen doesn’t understand that her comments are akin to the Westboro Baptist Church clan picketing a military funeral.  Maybe she doesn’t see that her hatred has blinded her own ability to value those who don’t view the world through her eyes.  Maybe she absolutely doesn’t tolerate those who believe in absolutes. 

I would fight for her right to say and write what she wants.  But she broke all forms of civil decorum with her rude and disgusting disrespect of the fallen Falwell.  And it wouldn’t be so appalling if it hadn’t come from the keyboard of someone who claims to have a special interest in writing about religion. 

Do us all a favor, and move on to entertainment or cooking or interior decorating if you must write, Cathleen.  We turn our backs on the Westboro Baptist Clan’s tactics and we turn our backs on yours.

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