Michigan Homosexual Activists Protest Court Ruling against Same-Sex Benefits

The following is excerpted from the “A rapper plea: ‘Where homophobia ends, true freedoms begin,’” appearing May 23 in the Lansing, Michigan weekly newspaper City Pulse

Homosexual activists rallied at the state Capitol Tuesday to protest a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling in February that public employers may not recognize homosexual relationships for the purpose of providing taxpayer-financed spousal benefits…
“Sean Kosofsky, director of policy for the (homosexual) Triangle Foundation, exhorted the crowd: ‘Are you tired of a polluted political atmosphere caused by the toxic diatribes of Gary Glenn and the American Family Association?’  The crowd replied with a resounding ‘yes.’
…Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan and co-author of the 2004 (Marriage Protection Amendment), feels that the outcome lives up to its original intent. ‘The issue is about government recognition,’ he said in an interview last week. ‘And government recognition includes taxpayer-provided benefits.’  …Glenn cited an October 2004 Detroit Free Press poll taken before the proposal’s passage.  At the time, 53 percent of those polled approved of the proposal, and 54 percent opposed allowing government and university employers to provide benefits to same-sex couples.  According to Glenn, this proves that voter intent was parallel with the authors’ intent and that voters saw the proposal as a way to prohibit such benefits.”

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