The Transg-ENDA Agenda: Man in a Purple Pants Suit Invades Ladies Restroom in Md.

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Editor’s note: the following firsthand report tells of an invasion of women’s privacy by a male “transgender” activist using the ladies restroom in Maryland — as the state’s pro-family movement was fighting legislation granting rights based on homosexuality. Neither Galladora nor Fortlage can recall the year of the incident, but it was between 1999 and 2001, when Maryland’s legislature passed a “sexual orientation” nondiscrimination bill, later signed into law by the state’s Democratic governor, Parris Glendening.

When a society raises gender confusion (men in dresses) and its cousin, homosexuality, to the level of “civil rights,” it’s time to recognize that this nation is in a state of moral decline unheard of in our history. –– Peter LaBarbera

TAKE ACTION:  If enacted into law, The Employment NonDiscrimination Act (ENDA, H.R. 2015) and the federal “hate crimes” bill, H.R. 1592 (recently passed by the House), would be the first time that “gender identity rights” are recognized in federal law. This would usher in a new wave of persecution for people opposed to homosexuality and gender confusion of the sort described below. Call your senators (202-224-3121; – and the White House (202-456-1111) –– to oppose H.R. 1592, and call all of your federal elected officials to oppose the ENDA bill.

By Bunny Galladora

The hearing room of the Judicial Committee in Annapolis, Maryland, was overflowing with all sorts of unusual looking people hours before the hearing on a bill to add “sexual orientation” to the list of protected categories was to begin. It would be a very long day. After many people had testified giving their various positions on the issue, the Judicial Committee took a break.

Conrae Fortlage and I left the hearing room to “freshen up” in the ladies’ restroom.  When it came time to wash our hands, I finished quickly and waited for Conrae inside the bathroom by the door, a few steps away. Conrae lingered slowly, applying lipstick and fiddling with her hair. She seemed to be staring in the mirror for an unusual amount of time. I paid little attention to the person dressed in a purple ladies pants suit with a white blouse standing next to Conrae — or to Conrae’s behavior which was out of character for her, but instead my thoughts were on the testimony I would be giving soon.

As we left the ladies’ room, the door shutting behind us, Conrae began to tell me that the person standing beside her in the bathroom was actually a man. Conrae said she first noticed that the person was unusually tall for a woman, then, while looking in the mirror, she had focused on his unusually large Adam’s apple — and other features normally found in a male. She noticed that the person was wearing a woman’s wig.

There was a strong police presence throughout the building that day, so Conrae and I approached the first officers that we saw, just a short distance from the bathroom. She reported that there was a man in the ladies’ restroom and requested that the officers confront him. The officers said there was no way they could check if it was a man or a woman and went on to say, as far as they knew, that there was no law preventing a man from using a ladies’ bathroom.

Conrae asked the officers if it would be OK for her to use the men’s room if she cut her hair short and wore men’s clothes. It was obvious that the officers had no intention of confronting the man or pursuing the matter. The officers asked us what we expected given the issues of that day. The hearing was about to restart so we rushed to the hearing room.

Conrae and I took our seats in the second row as the hearing resumed. Almost immediately, she was called upon to give her testimony.  Conrae was still trying to compose herself from the “bathroom incident” but it was no use. As she began to speak, she deviated from her prepared testimony, instead testifying about the man who dressed in women’s clothes and used the ladies’ room.

“Could I please have a little privacy when I use the bathroom?” Conrae pleaded with the assembled lawmakers. The Chairman of the Judicial Committee questioned Conrae’s ability to know if it was, in fact, a man posing as a woman. “I’m not naïve!” Conrae replied, noticeable agitated. “What if I had my little girl with me?” Conrae continued her protest of the man in the ladies’ room until the short two-three minutes allowed for each person to testify had expired.

One member of the Judicial Committee, a Delegate from Baltimore who was also a pastor, was shocked at Conrae’s testimony. His emotions were clearly visible on his face as his mouth dropped open at the thought of a man in the ladies’ room. Conrae never verbally gave her previously prepared, written testimony but instead handed it to the Judicial Committee. 
Conrae returned back to her seat beside me in the second row. When the next witness was called, the person sitting in front of us, wearing the purple pants suit, stood up and walked to the area reserved for those testifying. He sat in the witness chair, turned back toward Conrae and myself and began to berate us: “That was me in the ladies’ room. Where did you want me to go?” He then proceeded to use his time to complain that he surly could use the ladies room and informed all of us that according to his driver’s license he was a female (not to be confused with the fact that he was, in fact, a man).

Bunny Galladora is President of Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Maryland.
Conrae Fortlage is the former president of Concerned Women for America’s Maryland Chapter.

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