Yes, Heterosexuality Must Be Involved…

A critic, Michael, writes regarding our statement on Mary Cheney’s baby:

The Undeniable Truth about Making Babies 

     [We wrote:] “And yet, the truth remains: two homosexuals cannot create a baby. Heterosexuals – the people derided in the early days of “gay liberation” as ”breeders” — must be involved.”

     Totally incorrect, Pete! A gay man and gay woman can easily make a baby. Try again.

OK, technically, Michael, yes, a “gay” man and a lesbian can unite (physically or through modern technology) to produce a child, but that’s called heterosexual procreation. Egg and sperm from opposite sexes must unite: two women alone or two men alone cannot create a child without help from the opposite sex. Biology 101. — Peter LaBarbera

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