International Mr. Leather: Photos Reveal Twisted Perversions at Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel


Truth in labeling from one comic book vender at IML 2006.

Graphic photos below with offensive depictions of real-life homosexual depravities

By Peter LaBarbera


1) MOST IMPORTANT: Contact Hilton Hotels Corporation World Headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, and Hilton CEO Stephen Bollenback (; 310-278-4321) and politely express your dismay that Hilton would allow its good name to be associated with the sadistic sexual perversion-fest known as “International Mr. Leather.” If you feel so led, tell them that you will certainly never stay at the Palmer House Hilton — who would knowing that disgusting homosexual orgies have gone on in their rooms? — and you also will not be staying at other Hilton hotels while this deviant association continues.

I also spoke with a nice Hilton HQ executive, Trina Owens (; 901-374-5041), to whom you can also express your concerns over Hilton promoting perversion. Here’s the full contact information: Hilton World Headquarters, CEO: Stephen Bollenbach: Fax: 310-205-7655; phone 310-278-4321), Brand Performance & Franchise Development, 9336 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills , CA 90210; Development Hotline: 800-286-0645; or call 1-800-HILTONS.


Sign reads: “Due to the entire hotel being reserved for a private convention [International Mr. Leather], all hotel facilities are closed to the general public until Tuesday, May 29th. Thank you for your cooperation. The Palmer House Hilton.”

2) Write or call Palmer House Hilton General Manager Peter Lynn (; phone 312-726-7500 (ask for Peter Lynn’s office); ask him how they sterilize their rooms after the perverse IML orgies, and express your outrage that they would profit off this sadism spectacle through 2009. Fax: 312-917-1707; 17 East Monroe Street, Chicago , Illinois , United States 60603.

3) From now on, book your hotel through (hotels that are porn-free), so you can rest easy knowing that you are not rewarding the pornography industry through your stay.

The following are photos — there are others that we could not publish — from the “vendor fair” at International Mr. Leather 2006 and 2007, held on Memorial Day weekend (both years) at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago. The photos were taken by this writer, walking through the IML vendor fair, which was open to the public:


Man gets tied up in IML 2006.


This man at IML 2006 was bound and gagged and bounced around with bunny ears on from one Palmer House room to another, to satisfy some twisted fetish.


Diaper fetish. The “orientation” of this grown man in a diaper and sucking on a baby pacifier is “infantilism.” He was photographed in the lobby of the Palmer House Hilton at IML 2006.


Consensual “slavery” books [nudity covered by us] on sale at International Mr. Leather. The book at left is titled, “Discipline, Obedience and Submission,” and the one at right is titled, “To Take a Slave.”


Hard-core homosexual pornography of the most vile sort was on sale everywhere at IML in 2006 and 2007. Grotesque homosexual porn videos — including “fisting” videos and “barebacking” videos featuring condomless sodomies — played at many booths, and in some vendor rooms.


Truth is stranger than fiction: this is the logo for “Water Boys” — a California-based group for “pig sex” deviants who find pleasure in urinating in and on in each other in group orgies like that which occurred at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Water Boys had a big booth at both IML 2006 and 2007. Of course, many “gay” men do not engage in this particular wicked activity, and some “straight” perverts do, but the fact that in the homosexual male world there is a slang term for it — “watersports” — is to be expected from a movement built on the promotion of unnatural and wrong homosexual behaviors.


Rubber masks for sale at IML 2006.


Tattooed “leatherman” at IML 2006.


The man at left is being fitted for a leather doggie hood.


Electro-torture device for sadistic sex “play.” Sign reads: “FREE ‘Violet Wand’ Demonstrations Here!”


Plenty of paddles were available at IML for the pain-loving sadists and masochists.


This IML vendor, Fort Troff, is devoted to selling “pig sex gear,” including “play sheets” to ease the clean-up of bodily fluids resulting from such satanic depravities as “fisting.” One wonders: how did the Palmer House Hilton clean up and sanitize its rooms after all the orgies that were held there? “Fisting” (man inserts hand and arm up another man’s rectum) videos played non-stop in the room behind the wall holding this banner.


Another vendor. Deviant, indeed.


Needless to say, Chicago’s premier homosexual bathhouse, Steamworks, where men go for anonymous sexual liaisons with other men, had a booth at IML. Chicago’s leading homosexual group, Equality Illinois, accepts donations from Steamworks.


Clothing item of choice for some “leathermen.”


Fascinating. The Brown Elephant — a thrift shop owned by the Howard Brown Health Center, the leading “health” organization for Chicago homosexuals — sold used pornographic magazines at IML 2007. When I asked whether they sold (condomless) “barebacking” magazines, the man attending the booth said that used to, but then stopped eight months ago at the direction of Howard Brown’s new president, Michael Cook. So, until just eight months ago, a health organization devoted to the welfare of homosexuals was selling “barebacking” porn magazines to raise money, and continues to sell hard-core pornography to do so?! Where else but in the “gay” world would you find such bizarre contradictions and happenings?

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