Sodom-by-the-Lake; Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hosts Perverse ‘International Mr. Leather’

Dishonoring vets: note Chicago Theater marquee message during
Chicago Memorial Day parade.

TAKE ACTION: read our adjoining pictorial story about the Palmer House Hilton’s hosting of “International Mr. Leather” and contact Hilton Hotels Corporation World Headquarters in Beverly Hills California. Call or write  Hilton CEO Stephen Bollenback (; 310-278-4321) and politely express your dismay that Hilton would allow its good name to be associated with the sadistic sexual perversion-fest known as “International Mr. Leather.” If you feel so led, tell them that you will certainly never stay at the Palmer House Hilton — who would knowing that disgusting homosexual orgies have gone on in their rooms? — and you also will not be staying at other Hilton hotels while this deviant association continues. [ALSO SEE PHOTO-STORY BELOW FOR MORE ACTION ITEMS.]

By Peter LaBarbera 

The photo at top, taken from the Chicago ABC affiliate’s online video of the city’s Memorial Day parade Saturday, speaks volumes about the Windy City’s moral meltdown. Note the message on the marquee of the legendary Chicago Theater: “Welcome, International Mr. Leather 29,” due to the Theater’s participation in this sadistic, pornographic celebration, now in its 29th year.

Rather than honoring the spirit of the parade by paying tribute to our troops, veterans and past generations of American fighting men, the Chicago Theater’s management opted instead to welcome one of the most purely evil perversion-fests ever invented by mankind. International Mr. Leather (IML) serves as an annual excuse for “leathermen” — mostly homosexual men but some “straight” SM couples — to engage in vile orgies that would make Sodom blush. For our pictorial story about the sadistic “Mr. Leather” gatherings this year and last year at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, click HERE (WARNING: disturbing images).

Chicago: Sadism Mecca

Pro-homosexuality activism is largely a big-city phenomenon. The City of Chicago has the “queer” distinction of being a favorite city of sadomasochists, people who would have once been known, in saner times, as what they are: perverts. Proceeds from International Mr. Leather’s vendor registration went to a place called the Leather Archives Museum — a “museum” for sexual sadists, again, located in Chicago. I visited this “museum” last year and was stunned by its audacious chronicling of the most repulsive perversions (see pictorial story on IML), e.g., “fisting.” The sheer horror and weirdness of the place makes it difficult to describe to a normal audience.

How sad that this great city and so many of its leaders have given themselves over to celebrating sexual depravity. How bad is it?

  • Several years back, Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley, despite professing Catholicism, endorsed “same-sex marriage” at a press conference held on Ash Wednesday. There was the mayor (who is also pro-abortion-“rights”), with the ashen cross on his forehead (signifying repentance before God), advocating the radical redefinition of marriage — a position strongly condemned by his own Church.
  • Three homosexual bathhouses operate with impunity in the city — putting at risk not just promiscuous “gay” men but women whose straying husbands or boyfriends engage in anonymous sexual encounters (often condomless) with other men. Illinois’ top “gay” activist, Rick Garcia — telling a lie that is bold even by “gay” activist standards — claimed in an interview not to know what goes on in one of the disease-spreading bathhouses, Steamworks, from which Garcia’s group, Equality Illinois, has received donations.
  • Openly homosexual judges march annually in the city’s massive “gay pride” parade — to which Chicago’s Christian community has yet to offer an effective response or Gospel outreach;
  • The city was the first in the United States (and perhaps the world) to officially designate a homosexual community (zone), “Boystown,” demarcated by rainbow-colored kiosks;
  • The city proudly played host to the 2006 “Gay Games” (Daley celebrated this event and served as “honorary chair“) — and ended up being taken to court for violating the free speech rights of Christian counter-protesters.
  • The pro-homosexuality bias of Chicagoland’s news media is so overwhelming that the local TV networks and some other media cast objectivity aside every year and march in the annual “gay pride” parade. (ABC covers it and airs it in June.) Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Richard Roeper thinks audiences just have to “get over” our objections to seeing two men kiss in the movies. (I think Roeper and other media elites have to get over their obnoxious obsession with promoting homosexuality.) A female writer for the Chicago Tribune wrote a puff piece about how the movie Brokeback Mountain is a turn-on for women, who supposedly like to see men engaged in sexual situations with other men. Hmmm.

And so it goes. Will Christians emerge from their “closet” to do something to stem the tide of evil and sexual perversion in Chicago? Click HERE for our pictorial story on IML at the Palmer House Hilton in 2006 and 2007 (the hotel will be hosting “International Mr. Leather” through 2009). WARNING: disturbing images.

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