Practical Arguments Emphasized in John Biver Series: ‘Bad News for the Gay Rights Movement’

There are many practical, secular-oriented arguments against creating legal rights based on aberrant sex and gender-confused “identity.”  I encourage you to read my friend John Biver’s excellent series, “Bad News for the Gay Rights Movement,” on the Family Taxpayers Network (FTN) website.  John ( is FTN’s president, and a very smart guy who is not religious but would risk going to jail to defend my religious freedom to oppose homosexuality.  I’d do the same for him.

We who are religious should understand that you do not have to be a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew, to see the absurdity of revolutionizing civil rights law to accommodate historically taboo and destructive sexual behaviors that can be changed.  Please share these articles with your friends. — Peter LaBarbera 

Click on the individual links below for each article:

Bad News for the “Gay Rights” Movement


Get over your Moralityphobia


Right and Wrong isn’t Dead Yet


Privacy v. Revolution


Successes, Parades, and Leaven


The Broken Window Theory


Psychology and Morality


The Plight of the TriSexual  (A Parody)


Gender Identity Disorder


Friends, Family, and Children


Health Realities


Resetting the Proper Context


Morality and the “Gay Rights” Debate


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Peter's Lifesite News Articles'

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