Stacy Harp on ‘When Militant Homosexuals Attack’; Box Turtle Bulletin’s Jim Burroway Gets Nasty

russell_groff.jpg  Homosexual activist Jim Burroway is upset that we highlighted Russell Groff’s tragic death from AIDS at the tender age of 26 — a consequence of his embrace of the homosexual lifestyle.

There’s an interesting piece on Stacy Harp’s blog about the wacky homosexual fringe. Stacy’s a friend and a pretty smart cookie — she’s way too intelligent to think you can actually make any sense of the lunatic ranting of Joe Brummer, “GayLeftBorg,” Wayne (“Anything But Straight”) Besen, and other homosexual extremists. But hers is a worthwhile read to get a glimpse of the lies, hatred and outright nuttiness we have to endure from the homosexual Left.

Memo to Joe: for the twelve thousand, three-hundred and sixty-second time, we abhor violence against homosexuals, or anyone for that matter. (See my piece, “Stoning Homosexuals: Which is the Real Voice of Hatred,” contrasting how radical Islam and Biblical Christianity treat homosexuality.) … Anyway, click HERE for Stacy’s article.

Bad Boys 

Speaking of militant homosexuals attacking, we’re sorry that due to summer doldrums — and yes, my own procrastination — we have yet to put up a post on the latest clever little attack (in their own obsessed minds) on yours truly by Jim Burroway and Boys at Box Turtle Bulletin. (Try saying that ten times fast.) Seems Jim created a “LaBarbera Award” to spoof me — after I dared to write about a young man, Russell Groff, who died prematurely — at age 26 — of AIDS after entering the homosexual lifestyle.

Jim says that I engaged in reckless rhetoric and he even called me a “despicable coward” for writing about Russell (I unwisely linked to a pro-homosexual tribute of Groff to provide background about him). Ouch. We’ll have more on “Fact-Checker” Burroway’s distortions later. Suffice it to say that Russell’s grieving mother feels otherwise and wants to use his tragically cut-short life to warn other parents and children about the dangers of homosexuality.

Then there’s the unfunny graphic on the Box Turtle site that mocks me, perpetuating the tired, “queer” activist theme that because I expose homosexual excesses, I must secretly be perverse myself.

Yawn. How many variations of “Kill the Messenger” can the homosexual activists come up with to discredit us? And all this time people on both sides of the debate have been saying how creative “gays” are. Go figure. Regardless, I’m sure Jim and the Box Turtle Boys were quite taken with their own wit.

Apologies to all for ever calling Burroway’s site, which strangely gets promoted by Christian therapist and psychology professor Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College — yes, that Grove City College — “high minded.” Warren assures me that Jim is a nice guy but somehow I’m not seeing it. 

Please pray for these poor souls who spend their lives defending a lifestyle that God clearly rejects. — Peter LaBarbera

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