How Many Homosexual Activists Think Like this?

“You guys are a [f—–g] joke! I hope there is a day like in Europe where we put a collar on you dogs and restrict your hate speech in America! You are a disgrace!”

— Letter sent by C Rooker to Americans For Truth, August 16, 2007

C Rooker also wrote Paul Edwards’ “God and Culture” blog:

“It is your idiotic assumptions that High Point [Church] was acting so called christ like. You christers area all the same. You are filled with hate and wish retarded prejudicial ideas! I hope this country follows places like Europe and puts a muzzle and collar on your hate speech in America. You have no right to continue with this line of thought!”  (C Rooker – August 16)  

…to which Paul Edwards responded:

C Rooker,

And everyone here at the God and Culture Blog feels YOUR love, as well. You obviously didn’t take the time to actually read what this church as done to express the love of Christ to this family. You are blinded by your own hate. We’re praying for you and we love you.

Paul, [God and Culture blog]

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