Why Do Angry Gay Bloggers Always Lie? — Kevin McCullough


Kevin McCullough is one of the few talk radio hosts who is not afraid to take on the homosexual activist movement. 

As one who has been on the receiving end of too many online “gay” lies to count, I can sympathize with Kevin McCullough — one of the few radio conservatives nationwide who doesn’t downplay the homosexual issue. (And there are some pretty big names in conservative radio who do by going ‘PC’ on this issue with their silence … so support Kevin.)

McCullough’s basic point is one that cannot be repeated enough: people have a choice over their sexual (mis)behavior — which is why homosexual activists stress the expedient ideological construct of (supposedly innate) “sexual orientation.”

Racial minorities have no such choice. Unlike homosexuals, they cannot leave their minority group, as every ex-gay or ex-lesbian does when he or she abandons that destructive lifestyle choice. Thus the biggest “gay” lie of all is that “being gay” — i.e., naturally predisposed toward homosexuality — is “who you are.” — Peter LaBarbera


Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Why do angry gay bloggers always lie?
Posted by: Kevin McCullough at 8:17 AM

NGBlog [WARNING: NGBlog has a hard time making his point without cussing–Ed.] and OutsideTheTent have had me in their sights for sometime.

And when the towering intellects that they both are come up short against an actual point of substance the best they can do is call me stupid, or poopy pants, or whatever brilliant turn of phrase pops into their skull.

They are so desperate to make me appear stupid they slow down the video of me discussing the Mary Cheney pregnancy on CNN to the one frame where in the middle of speaking I appear half-inebriated.  [See an AFTAH post on the Mary Cheney baby story HERE.]


They also lie a lot… the lying liars they are.

In reaction to my column from yesterday, they are now purposefully misreporting my accuracy with which I quote Roberta Sklar.

Read both articles. She said what I said she said.

NGBlog and OutsideTheTent may not like the fact that I pointed it out, but that’s not my issue.

They then digress to criticizing why I draw a line between race (skin color) and sexual behavior.

Because sexual behavior is entirely a choice and something they can control – and race is not.

In other words – we can not codify into law, preferences based on someone’s choices.

Whereas equal rights can never be disallowed for someone’s state of being. No one has a choice on their skin color. Everyone has a choice in their behavior.

It is the totality of the entire debate between changing marriage laws to include non-marital unions or not too. The argument these angry gay bloggers and other radicals in the homosexual community have made is that because they were “born that way” they deserve the same special protections as actual minorities.

The entire point of my column – is that such a assertion is abjectly false.

Science says so. And now so do some gay activists…

Background on Kevin and his “Musclehead Revolution” radio show and book HERE.]

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