Drug-Heavy Gay ‘Circuit Parties’ as HIV/AIDS Fundraisers? The White Party in Miami

white_party_week_graphic.bmp  At right is an online ad for the annual hedonistic “White Party” in Miami, Nov. 21-26, that appeared on a popular homosexual news site.

By Peter LaBarbera 

Now here’s a curious concept: promote all-night, all-weekend, orgiastic dance parties featuring rampant drug and alcohol use — which fuel risky, unnatural homosexual sex by people under the influence — as “HIV/AIDS Fundraisers” (see ad at right).

That’s sort of like raising funds for abstinence education at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. Only in the surreal “gay” world — which is rarely held accountable by ‘mainstream’ media — would this be allowed to thrive.

A few homosexual writers like Michelangelo Signorile and academics alike have described what goes on at “circuit parties” such as the annual “White Party Week” in Miami, scheduled for Nov. 21-26. Signorile has crusaded for AIDS groups to end their affiliation with the circuit bashes — which are a study in an of themselves of the hedonistic homosexual male subculture.

And yet, the “AIDS prevention”-circuit party linkage continues: proceeds from the White Party go to Care Resources, “South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization,” according to the White Party website.

Crystal meth and condomless sodomy 

Here’s a description of “circuit parties” by two researchers from that bastion of homophobia, Northwestern University, as reported by NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality):

The authors describe circuit parties as weekend-long erotically charged “drug-prevalent dance events attended by up to 25,000 self-identified gay and bisexual men who socialize and dance nonstop, sometimes for 24 hours or longer.”

NARTH’s summary of the Northwestern researchers’ paper continues (emphasis added):

Ghaziani and Cook state that circuit parties originally began as AIDS awareness events in the mid-80s, but, “Although it is unconfirmed, circuit parties may have ironically become potential sites for HIV serotransmission.” They maintain that the idea of a link between circuit parties and HIV transmission is “not unfounded, even if it remains speculative.”

They note that as many as 25% of the circuit party attendees admit they are HIV positive and use crystal meth as well as ecstasy in risky sexual behaviors.

Most circuit party attendees (95%) admit using psychoactive drugs. Of these, 61% ingested three or more drugs in one night. In addition, 67% reported engaging in anal or oral sex. Only 21% reported engaging in “safe anal sex.” Twenty-nine percent had multiple sex partners during a weekend. Of these, 47% reported unprotected anal intercourse (UAI).

Reasons for attending circuit parties varied with 97% saying they wanted to attend to “celebrate and have fun”; 68% wanted “to be wild and uninhibited”; 43% said they wanted sex; and 14% wanted to “forget about HIV/AIDS.”

The authors noted that the use of crystal meth at circuit parties is at epidemic proportions.  

Yikes. Why isn’t our our taxpayer-funded CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) condemning these drug-infested perversion parties — or at least assailing their being marketed as AIDS fundraisers? Why isn’t our federal government moving aggressively to expose this farce — just as it it did with cigarette companies that used cartoons to market to young people? 

If Care Resources, described on the White Party website as a “true leader in the community,” were showing real leadership, wouldn’t it disassociate from this spectacle rather than profit from it?

Will the government aggressively enforce anti-drug laws at these parties for overgrown adolescents since it’s a wide-open secret that there is rampant illicit drug use there?

(And why won’t city, state and federal governments move to shut down the sex clubs and homosexual bathhouses, which — like these circuit parties that cater mostly to homosexual men — facilitate dangerous, anonymous sexual misbehavior?)

Because these events rake in lots of cash, and the above government entities are in the pocket of the same powerful “gay” lobby that perpetuates the nonsense that all-weekend dance parties — riddled with illegal drug use facilitating reckless, unnatural sex — are somehow a part of the “fight against AIDS.”

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