Sodom & Gomorrah Would Blush: Homosexual Sadists Mock Jesus with Last Supper Take-Off in Poster for ‘Folsom Street Fair’

Bread and Wine Replaced with “Sex Toys”; California Taxpayers Forced to Subsidize Debauched Folsom Street Fair


Promotional poster for sadistic “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco this weekend mocks Christianity and Da Vinci’s painting of Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples. Those are “sex toys” on the table including a red fist used to mimic the bizarre and grotesque sadistic act of “fisting.” A man in the black doggie mask represents another twisted fetish seen at this annual street festival glorifying “consensual” sexual violence and degradation. Miller Brewing Company’s ‘Miller Lite’ Beer logo can be seen on the lower left of the poster as the largest “non-gay” corporate sponsor of the Folsom Street Fair (call Miller Brewing Co. at 1-800-MILLER-6). The black-and-blue flag is the “leather pride” flag for sadomasochists — their version of the “gay” rainbow flag.

“In their version of The Last Supper, Christ, Who gave His life for our sins, is despicably replaced by sin itself as the object of worship.”
Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America

Folks, what can you say in the face of such perversion and blasphemy as the above? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no modern special interest movement in America possesses the capacity for anti-Christian bigotry and anti-Christian persecution as the combined homosexual (“GLBT”) movement. “Leathermen” like the above are a celebrated part of the overall “gay” male subculture (which is not to deny that many homosexuals would take offense at this blasphemy) — their feigned “macho-ness” an obvious over-compensation for the masculinity crisis that is male homosexuality.

As one who has been to the Folsom Street Fair as a critical observer — to document the unbelievable perversions, including public whippings, that are allowed to take place on San Francisco’s city streets — I can say that the above poster well represents the depravity found at the event. As we’ve said many times: when it comes to the tolerated excesses of the “gay” movement, truth is stranger than fiction.

Folsom participants have documented for us on film the “gay” sodomies that are allowed to occur on the streets, as the police apparently do nothing (special rights, anyone?). And where else but in San Francisco would you have a street fair built around sadistic perversions — “consensual” sexual violence and degradation? (Actually, there is now a “Folsom Street East” festival in New York City, too, and Chicago has its own annual International Mr. Leather” perversion-fest — hosted by the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel through 2009.)  

There is such a thing as too much tolerance, and you’re looking at it above. Shame on Miller Brewing Company for pandering to homosexuals to such a degree that they are now sponsoring sick events like Folsom (call 1-800-MILLER-6 to let them know how you feel about it). Kudos to CWA’s Matt Barber for exposing this travesty. Don’t hold your breath waiting for homosexual activists to forcefully denounce it or the Folsom Street Fair. Usually when Christian conservatives expose such twisted filth, the radical “gays” make fun of … the Christians. At least they’re consistent. — Peter LaBarbera


“Gays” Mock Jesus with Last Supper Take-off

Concerned Women for America Press Release; Sept. 25, 2007

Washington, D.C. — Organizers of San Francisco’s hedonistic Folsom Street Fair — sponsored by Miller Brewing, Co. — have portrayed Christ and His disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochists in the event’s promotional advertisement.  The bread and wine representing Christ’s broken body and life-giving blood are replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words,” said Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA).  “Scripture says that God is not mocked, yet it doesn’t stop people from trying.  As evidenced by this latest stunt, open ridicule of Christianity is unfortunately very common within much of the homosexual community.  

“‘Gay’ activists disingenuously call Christians ‘haters’ and ‘homophobes’ for honoring the Bible, but then lash out in this hateful manner toward the very people they accuse.  In their version of The Last Supper, Christ, Who gave His life for our sins, is despicably replaced by sin itself as the object of worship.  

“We’re calling on California’s elected officials – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Schwarzenegger and Senators Feinstein and Boxer – to publicly condemn this unprovoked attack against Christ and His followers.  We further challenge the media to cover this affront to Christianity with the same vigor as recent stories about cartoon depictions of Mohammed and other items offensive to the Muslim community.    

“What’s equally shocking and offensive,” continued Barber, “is the fact that California taxpayers are forced to help foot the bill for the Folsom Street Fair.”  The City of San Francisco sanctions the event, shuts down several city blocks and provides police for security. 

“The most unimaginable and vile acts of debauchery are commonplace during the fair.  Senator Larry Craig was arrested and [is being] driven out of the Senate for allegedly soliciting public ‘gay’ sex, yet during this event the city of San Francisco suspends the law and allows ‘gay’ men and women to parade the streets fully nude, many having sex — even group orgies — in broad daylight, while taxpayer funded police officers look on and do absolutely nothing.”     

“The mainstream media should cover this event with cameras in hand.  There’s an unbelievable news story here.  The Folsom Street Fair is reminiscent of Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, and the media should document exactly what the city of San Francisco is allowing to occur – in public – in the name of ‘tolerance.’”

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

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