MSNBC’s Dan Abrams Embarrasses Self in Interview with Bob Knight

abrams_dan.jpg MSNBC’s Dan Abrams recently sought to make a fool of Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Media Institute, in an interview about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s “outing” of the beloved Dumbledore character. But Abrams’ overwrought attempt to mock Knight backfired, with Abrams himself looking like the fool. It’s painful, but click HERE to listen to the segment. You can also watch it by going to the homosexual website Queerty (WARNING: vulgar language: on many “queer” and lefty websites, commenters can’t seem to make a point without cussing or alluding to sex or male anatomy). 

We commend Knight (my former boss) for keeping his composure: how many of us could calmly withstand the over-the-top pummeling from the smug (and very unfunny) Abrams like Bob did on this broadcast? We don’t know about “homophobia,” but it seems more and more liberals are coming out as “homo-snobs”: those so committed to supporting all things “gay” that they won’t acknowledge that there are any rational arguments against homosexuality. (And of course there is no need to marshal arguments to defend homosexuality since that is self-evidently “true.”) To the committed homo-snob, any attempt to defend traditional sexual mores or protect children from moral corruption is just a big joke. — Peter LaBarbera

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