WATCH VIDEO: Hannity & Colmes Expose “Folsom Street” Depravities in Pelosi’s District

Hannity stunned; Colmes tries to shift issue away from Pelosi 

Well, FOX’s Alan Colmes was carrying water for (Democrat) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in tonight’s FOX “Hannity & Colmes” segment featuring Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth. But despite his attempt to make ME the bad guy, we succeeded in alerting people across the nation to the shocking depravities that occurred in broad daylight in Speaker Pelosi’s district.

For the record, Alan: we would welcome Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s — or any public official’s — condemnation of the grotesque “Folsom Street Fair”; and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is linked to Folsom because he praised it as a “wonderful and exciting event” in an official welcoming letter in the event’s program

Note Sean Hannity’s near disbelief at our report (and he didn’t even see the video excerpts from the sadistic Folsom “Fair“). This is the reaction of normal America, which remains largely ignorant of the perversions that occur in big cities like San Francisco that celebrate homosexuality. We’ve as yet gotten no response back from Speaker Pelosi:

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