Mike Heath on ‘Evanjellyfish’

By Mike Heath, Christian Civic League of Maine 

That is what Coach Dave Daubenmire calls them.  He is referring to Christian leaders who choose Herod over John.  I imagine them in the crowd gathered around John the Baptist out in the wilderness.  They are the ones that started quaking when John stopped focusing on urging individuals to repent and be baptized.  They became fearful when John turned his preaching on the political elites.  The Bible doesn’t record every conversation John had, of course.  It does hit the highlights, however.  I think John probably made a lot of powerful people uncomfortable during his short time of ministry.  We only know about King Herod.

John confronted Herod.  He didn’t hold anything back.  Herod was a Roman tyrant who literally had the legal right to kill whoever he pleased.  John’s society recognized no individual rights that superseded Herod’s tyrannical power, unlike our great country.  The [Christian Civic League of Maine] is exactly like John the Baptist in the moment he publicly condemned Herod for sleeping with his brother’s wife.  There are some in the crowd who are less pleased with us than they are afraid of Herod….

…I used to care what people like this pastor think.  I’m teaching myself to care more about what God thinks. 

I used to think that Chicago historian Martin Marty is right.  He claimed the worst sin is to be mean.  While most Christians worked on fine tuning “nice” Satan made sodomy a virtue.  Imagine it.  The once great Church of England is splitting down the middle over nonsense.  I moved on from Martin Marty to Thomas Oden.  He is a scholar who wrote a book called “Requiem.”  He urges men like me to become known as “young fogeys” for refusing to be intimidated by the sexual orientation mob.

I’m now convinced that nice is merely an excuse to avoid controversy and righteous indignation.  Christians don’t need to get angry about what is being done to their families, children, grandchildren and neighborhoods.  They just need to get Biblical.  They need to take a stand for common sense.  They need to invite everyone to be honest about sexual morality.  Most people think sodomy is perverted, disgusting and miserable — and worse.  Fine by me.  We should encourage everyone who believes that to say it….

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