Sandy Rios and Bob Knight Discuss Philadelphia Treachery against Boy Scouts

Click HERE to listen to WYLL-Chicago talk show host and Culture Campaign President Sandy Rios’ interview with Bob Knight of the Culture and Media Institute. The two discuss the City of Philadelphia’s decision — spurred on by homosexual City Solicitor Romulo Diaz Jr. — to evict the Philadelphia Scouts “Cradle of Liberty Council” unless the Scouts came up with $200,000 rent money for an historic city building that THEY donated to the city. Homosexual activists have pressured the city’s leaders to force the Scouts to submit to the city’s pro-homosexual “sexual orientation” nondiscrimination law, or lose their symbolic $1 per year lease to the city. 

The pro-family Lifesite news reports:

The famous Beaux Arts style building was built and paid for by the Scouts, and turned over to the city with the understanding that the Scouts would be allowed to remain in it rent-free “in perpetuity.”


City solicitor Romulo L. Diaz Jr. gave Philadelphia’s “Cradle of Liberty Council” of the Scouts until Monday this week to renounce their policy. The Cradle of Liberty Council is the largest Scouts council in Pennsylvania, and is the third largest in the entire Boy Scouts of America. The “City of Brotherly Love” has told the Scouts they have until June 1 to vacate their historic building.


A U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2000 said the Boy Scouts were a private organisation who had the right to bar anyone they chose from their ranks. But the city of Philadelphia has a policy that no organisation that “discriminates” may receive public subsidies and City Council is backing Diaz’s interpretation of the law.


Diaz, an open and practising homosexual, told a local radio interviewer he would begin looking for a new tenant for the building immediately.


The pressure started in 2003 when then, mayor of Philadelphia, John F. Street, started coming under pressure from homosexual activists, powerful in local politics, to force the Scouts to accept homosexuality, claiming that their refusal violated the city’s 1982 “fair practices” law.


Mark Chilutti, a member of the Cradle of Liberty Council executive board said, “We’re ignoring the deadline. It was the least bad option we have.”

Click HERE to read the entire Lifesite article, “Philadelphia Boy Scouts to Lose Historic Building for Not Accepting Homosexuality,” and HERE to listen to Sandy Rios’ interview with Bob Knight on Philadelphia’s treacherous act against the Scouts.

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