Is there a Vast Anti-Gay Conspiracy? The Homosexuality-MRSA Link

dr_john_diggs.gif Diseases are spread as result of what men practicing homosexual sex do, not “who they are,” says Dr. John Diggs. In 2002, the Massachusetts doctor wrote a white paper on the “Health Risks of Gay Sex.”

“Men who practice anal sex, men who have promiscuous sex, men who have multiple partners in short periods of time are much more likely to spread this disease” … “It’s not because of who they are. It’s because of what they do.”


“Now I know that a lot of people have attacked those who have brought this to people’s attention as being homophobic, but the real issue — and you have to face the facts — is that men who have sex with men have very high rates of sexually transmitted disease.”


“When you face that reality, then you have to start taking a serious look and deciding that the best public health intervention is to discourage behavior that causes the infection to spread.” Dr. John Diggs, talking to about the new study on MRSA and homosexual men 

By Peter LaBarbera 

Folks, after opposing the homosexual activist movement for over 15 years, I can tell you that there are two issues they fear discussing most: 1) the fact that men and women are leaving the homosexual lifestyle — i.e., “being gay” is not an innate, fixed identity; and 2) the fact that there are manifold health risks associated with homosexual behaviors, especially “men who have sex with men,” as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sterilely puts it.

There is another basic point in this struggle: the secular media are not on our side, and are loathe to write anything that hurts the “gay” movement. They are quite good at covering up negative news about homosexuality (and other non-politically correct facts). So you know something very “queer” is up when you see homosexual activists blasting the media for alleged antigay bias. That would be sort of like accusing Paris Hilton of being a prude.

Since Americans For Truth first wrote about the gay-MRSA story, followed by Concerned Women for America doing the same, the homosexual lobby — starting with top dog Joe Solmonese of the Human Wrongs Campaign (Human Rights Campaign) — have been outraged … not at the misbehavior among homosexual men that any sensible person could see is implicated in the MRSA study at issue (read the study for yourself HERE), but at US for allegedly calling this the new “gay plague.”

Problem is, I never called MRSA “the new AIDS,” or the new gay plague, etc., but I did note that reports linking a new, multi-drug-resistant strain of MRSA to homosexual behaviors recalled the early news reports on AIDS, which of course was also linked to male homosexual behaviors (e.g., gay bathhouses in San Francisco where men had unbelievable amounts of anonymous sex with other men). Yes, MRSA affects the general population, but the Annals of Internal Medicine study that we were covering focuses on the higher incidence of a particularly drug-resistant strain among communities where men are having sex with men.

Here are a few excerpts from the MRSA study (emphasis added):

“Conclusions: Infection with multidrug-resistant USA300 MRSA is common among men who have sex with men, and multidrug-resistant MRSA infection might be sexually transmitted in this population. …


“Editors’ Note: Multidrug-resistant USA300 MRSA infection is especially common among men who have sex with men. It might be sexually transmitted in this population.


“As in the SFGH HIV clinic population, having male–male sex was a risk factor for multidrug-resistant USA300 infection among patients in the Fenway Community Health sample. All patients in this sample who had multidrug-resistant USA300 infection were men who had sex with men, and none of the more than 3000 men seen at this health center annually who did not have male–male sex had multidrug-resistant USA300 infection, suggesting the exclusive spread of the multidrug-resistant USA300 clone among men who have sex with men.


“In summary, we show that multidrug-resistant USA300 has emerged as an important source of disease among men who have sex with men in 2 geographically distinct communities. The high proportion of infection involving the buttocks, genitals, and perineum suggests that community-associated MRSA may be transmitted in the setting of sexual contact among men who have sex with men. The link among USA300, multidrug-resistant USA300, and unsafe sexual risk behaviors should be evaluated further in prospective studies.”

Here’s an e-mail I sent last Wednesday to one fellow who requested that AFTAH “correct our website”:

Richard, they [gay activists] created a straw man, and then tore it down. It’s ridiculous. I talked [in the AFTAH story] about other people getting MRSA at the hospital, etc. Now, I did say that this story had eerie reminders of the initial days of AIDS, and in saying that I was referring to the fact that BEHAVIORS were linked to that disease’s spread. I’m a pretty direct person, as you might have deduced (much more so than even many in the conservative, pro-family movement): if I wanted to call [MRSA] the [new] “gay plague,” I would have wrote a headline like this: ‘Is MRSA the Next Gay Plague?’ — which I didn’t. 


Most of the media took the same interpretation as I did, minus the anti-gay-behavior editorializing, of course. I hope you’ll grant that we have the right to do that since, after all, we are opposed to homosexual BEHAVIOR. To read the actual MRSA [study] (have you read it?), you’d almost have to have the editorial instincts of an old Soviet Pravda editor to assert that it does not implicate reckless gay male behavior. Guess what: I’ll bet the researchers’ “sins” were grossly overstated, too! [homosexual activists have assailed researchers for overstating the MRSA-gay link]. As for Matt [Barber] and CWA, he’s a big boy and more than capable of defending himself. Best–pl 

Try this: do a quick Google search on syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, anal warts, anal cancer, etc. — combined with the word “gay” — and you’ll come up with a host of articles, some written by pro-homosexuality websites, that implicate homosexual behaviors in the disproportionately high incidence of said maladies among “gay” men.

Dr. Diggs is right: this is not because of who they are but what they do.

I just did a one-minute Google search, and guess what? If you follow the homosexual militants’ logic, we should add “The Body” — a strongly pro-“gay” HIV site — to the Vast Anti-gay Conspiracy (VAC), for posting information like the following. In a web piece titled, “Health Concerns for Gay Men”, The Body writes (these excerpts are reprinted verbatim; keep in mind it was written in 1998; emphasis added):

  • “The Rise in gonorrhea rates among gay men indicates an increase in high-risk sexual behavior….
  • “Genital and anal warts are caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). Genital warts on the penis are common in both heterosexual and gay men. However, anal warts in males tend to occur more frequently in gay men. Anal warts are primarily a result of unprotected anal intercourse and direct penis-to-rectum contact during sex. 
  • “Hepatitis A is transmitted through the oral-fecal route.  Sexually, this infection is transmitted by oral-anal sex (rimming). Sexually transmitted hepatitis A tends to occur more commonly among gay men. Outbreaks of hepatitis A among gay men are a recurring problem in many large cities in Western nations…. 
  • “Hepatitis B is transmitted the same way as HIV, but is much more infectious than HIV. Between men, the infection is most commonly transmitted through unprotected anal intercourse and giving oral sex. Some gay men have been infected through sharing drug needles as well. In Western nations, sexually transmitted hepatitis B tends to occur more commonly among gay men….
  • “Worldwide, most of the people with HIV and AIDS are heterosexuals. But in North America, Western Europe and other developed nations, most cases continue to be transmitted sexually between men. In the United States, according to a recent report, most cases of recent HIV infection continue to be among gay men….
  • “Some strains of HPV — the virus that causes genital and anal warts (see above) — are linked to certain forms of cancer. When this virus causes cancer in men, it most often causes anal cancer. Anal HPV infection primarily occurs through unprotected anal intercourse, and direct penis-to-rectum contact during sex. Anal cancer occurs more frequently in men with damaged immune systems (including those with HIV)….”

Gosh, didn’t “The Body” get the Gay Talking Points memo, that it’s discriminatory to link homosexuality to disease? What homophobia! What shocking insensitivity to gays and lesbians everywhere! Jim Burroway, Ace Gay ‘Fact Checker,’ you’d better get on the phone with HRC’s Joe Solmonese and get that article taken down pronto!

Should The Body apologize to homosexuals for this article? Should the FDA repent before the American public for its “homophobia” in banning men who had sex with men (MSM) — or women who have had sex with MSM — from giving blood? Of course not, and neither will we “apologize” for reminding people that sex between men is highly risky, especially when coupled with high levels of homosexual male promiscuity. 

Many homosexual male activists are in deep, deep denial about the health hazards of sodomitic acts because to admit that those acts are especially dangerous undermines their claim — in which, sadly, they have invested much of their lives — that being (innately) “gay” is “who they are” (no morality lectures, thank you!). Unfortunately for all of us, they have perfected the tactic of intimidating the media, Hollywood and academic communities through manipulative appeals to their own alleged victimization — even if that means potentially victimizing others.

Nope, MRSA is not a “gay disease,” but it’s obvious that male homosexual practices are helping to spread a particularly dangerous strain of this infection. What a tragedy it would be if people’s lives were to be put in danger because scientists are more concerned about offending some very vocal “gay” activists than protecting the public — which includes homosexual men who put their own health at risk by practicing immoral, unnatural sex.

Click HERE for AFTAH excerpts from the article featuring Dr. Diggs, and HERE for the actual CNSNews piece. 


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