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Democrat Party Helps Gay Task Force Honor Sadomasochistic Slavery Advocate Guy Baldwin

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Rush Limbaugh cites Americans For Truth; honoree’s book touts ‘consensual slavery’; LaBarbera calls on DNC to demand return of contribution

slavecraft-guy-baldwin-2.JPG National Gay and Lesbian Task Force “Leather Leadership Award” honoree Guy Baldwin is the “co”-author (with “a grateful slave”) of “Slavecraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude; Principles, Skills and Tools.” The book advocates “consensual slavery.” Will the DNC demand a return of its at least $2,500 donation to the Task Force, whose “Creating Change” conference in Detroit honors Baldwin? Or is the party that overwhelmingly receives the most support from African Americans comfortable with the idea of celebrating and sexualizing “slavery”? This is one form of deviant play-acting that mocks Black descendants of REAL slaves whose servitude was certainly not “consensual,” and trivializes an awful chapter in America’s history. You can listen to the AFA ‘One News Now’ report on the DNC-sadomasochism story by click HERE and then clicking “Hear Report.”

Well, folks, the Party of Perversion is at it again. This time the DNC (Democratic National Committee) — as a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s (NGLTF) “Leadership Council” (Advocate’s Circle) — gave at least $2,500 to the Task Force, whose “Creating Change” conference in Detroit is presenting its “Leather Leadership Award” to Guy Baldwin, an advocate of “erotic” and “consensual slavery.” How sick is that?

We at Americans For Truth call on the DNC to demand their money back from the NGLTF — or they are complicit with the homosexual Task Force in glorifying this disgusting, sadomasochistic perversion that belittles the forced suffering of African Americans under slavery.

The following story from our good friends at American Family Association’s One News Now — based on our initial story about 2008 Creating Change — was mentioned by Rush Limbaughon the air today. More posts on the Task Force’s über-deviant “Creating Change” conference will follow. — Peter LaBarbera
CONTACT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: through their website:, or by calling 202-863-8000 or 877-336-7200.

LISTEN ONLINE: You can listen to the AFA ‘One News Now’ report on the DNC-sadomasochism story by click HERE and then clicking “Hear Report.”

One News Now reports:

DNC Sponsors Event Honoring Sadomasochism

Jeff Johnson – OneNewsNow – 2/7/2008 10:00:00 AM

The 20th annual meeting of the nation’s second most powerful homosexual activist group is welcoming some new participants — and a very recognizable sponsor.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is holding its annual “Creating Change” conference in Detroit this week. Its sponsors claim to have trained more than 30,000 activists since 1988. Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has reported on the event in the past. “It’s essentially a grassroots training conference for homosexual, bisexual, transgender — and now, it turns out — sadomasochistic activists,” says LaBarbera.

The event originally focused on homosexuals, but has expanded to include individuals who are convinced that they were born into the wrong sex. The event’s handbook even addresses “transgender restroom etiquette.”

“It says that, ‘Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong,'” LaBarbera points out. “And, so, I mean, this movement is now getting so crazy that they can choose their own gender and then the restroom that matches that.”

And LaBarbera says he is not sure if he is more surprised by one of the sponsors of the event or by one of the activists who will be honored. “It’s incredible to me,” he continues. “But the Democratic Party is endorsing an event where they’re actually presenting an award for sadomasochism.”

A sponsorship acknowledgement notes that the Democratic National Committee gave at least $2,500 to help pay for the event. The recipient of the “Leather Leadership Award” is Guy Baldwin, a psychotherapist who has successfully lobbied against treating sadomasochism as a mental health problem.

AFTAH Accused of ‘Transphobia’

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Somebody call the Thought Police. Americans For Truth has been accused of “transphobia’! Following in the footsteps of the homosexual lobby, but perhaps wearing high heels, transsexual activists have coined the term “transphobia” to wield against their critics. See this article: “More transphobia from AFTAH,” which criticizes our post on the “Transgender Etiquette” being encouraged at the radical “Creating Change” conference being held in Detroit beginning today.

Yes, the destruction of the English language continues apace. Transphobia and biphobia are just two more logic-defying derivatives of the infamous “homophobia” — which was ingeniously concocted and marketed by pro-homosexual activists to advance radical sexual and gender agendas.

Are we afraid of transsexuals, bisexual, homosexuals? No. Do we disagree with their lifestyle choices and the ideologies and agendas they would foist on the nation — even on impressionable children through the public schools? You bet. (Never forget that homosexual/trans activists promote the notion of ‘transgender’ youth — the ‘T’ in the destructive “GLBT youth” equation.) The deliberate conflation of disagreement with fear is one of the more sinister ways in which sexual revolutionaries have “normalized” homosexual ideology and behavior in America.

Below, a British advocate of sadomasochistic behavior sums it up well, as he thinks of ways to inject somethin akin to “SM-phobia” into the popular culture to build support for that particular perversion (emphasis added):

If I may pose a couple of questions for you to answer in your head …

Do you have any moral objections to homosexuals?
Do you have any moral objections to incest?

The majority of people will say no to the first and yes to the second. A brother and sister have the potential for inbreeding, which has serious consequences, fair enough. How about 2 brothers having sex if they are both over 18 and both consent to it? You probably still have a moral objection to it. But why? There’s no hard logical reason why it should be illegal or morally wrong if people choose to do it.

Our moral choices are very rarely actually chosen by us through logical thought processes; they are dictated to us by other people. We are programmed to think that beastiality is sick, paedophiles are evil, incest is disgusting, and until 1967, that homosexuality was just as bad. Maybe some of those things are true, maybe some aren’t.

People used to go to prison for being homosexual. So what’s changed? Homosexuals existed then and they exist now. Something is different now, though… public perception and a fear of being labelled homophobic prevent the general public from dismissing them. And so, gradually, it has become more widely accepted, and is now generally perceived as just a way of life, rather than the evil and disgusting taboo it once was.

As upstanding people, humans are programmed to fear being called anything-phobic. We fear being called racist, sexist, or homophobic, even though the more intelligent among us will admit that we harbour some of these feelings naturally. There are groups of people that fear these words more than any other. Celebrities and Politicians for example, whose careers are perched on maintaining public favour.

Do you get it? Incest, homosexuality, bestiality — they are only wrong because people SAY they are wrong — not because they are objectively wrong. This is a cynical view that rejects transcendent truth and revelation from God.

So next time you get called a homophobe, a biphobe, a transphobe, or an incest-phobe for that matter — sin-wise, that’s right up there in the Bible with homosexuality, according to Prof. Rob Gagnon, author of The Bible and Homosexual Practice and one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject — don’t fret. Just remember that an ideology that relies on name-calling, propagandistic distortions, and psychological intimidation is as bankrupt as the twisted semantics on which it relies to prop up its own myths.

‘Transgender Etiquette’ at Creating Change 2009 in Detroit – ‘Each of Us Can Decide for Ourselves in which Bathroom We Belong’

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

pat_califia_2.JPG Creating Change or Creating Confusion? (This is a woman.) Radical author Patrick Califia embodies the “transgender” chaos at the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s annual activists’ “Creating Change”  conference, to be held in Detroit Feb. 6-10. The biologically female Califia once considered herself a butch lesbian, but then opted for a “female-to-male” transgender identity, ending up as a self-described “gay man” — which would make her a ‘gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body.’ In order to minimize “transphobic situations,” the Task Force is warning Creating Change attendees that “a person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity.”

Folks, it simply doesn’t get any loonier on the Left than the National Lesbian & Gay Task Force’s annual “Creating Change” conference for grassroots LGBTIQQ (which I think stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Questioning” — but it’s hard to keep track). This year’s “Creating Change” event is being held in Detroit Feb. 6-10 [2009].

How loony, you ask?  Well, on page 17 of this year’s Creating Change program is this advisory piece on “Transgender Etiquette,” as the Task Force endeavors to snuff out “transphobia” within its activist ranks. If you gathered 20 witty foes of homosexuality in a room and instructed them to make up something to embarrass the “gay” movement, they couldn’t come up with anything this bizarre.  And yet, Creating Change is a serious affair — funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Ford Foundation alike — where sexual revolutionaries learn how to work the political system to break down America’s traditional sexual and gender norms.

Reading the notice below, is it any wonder that when the Homosexual ‘Task Force’ comes to town, simple “Male/Female” restrooms won’t do?  We’ll have more on Creating Change in future posts.–Peter LaBarbera

This is reprinted verbatim from the online Creating Change program, with our emphasis added in bold:



Adapted from The 2002 Portland Creating Change™ Host Committee

There are many transgender people at Creating Change™. To be inclusive and improve the quality of life for transgender people here, please read and act upon the following.

Please do not assume anyone’s gender, even people you may have met in the past. A person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity. You cannot know the gender or sex of someone by their physical body, voice, appearance or mannerisms. Pay attention to a person’s purposeful gender expression. We consider it polite to ask: “What pronoun do you prefer?” or “How do you identify?” before using pronouns or gendered words for anyone. When you are unsure of a person’s gender identity and you don’t have an opportunity to ask someone what words they prefer, try using that person’s name or gender-neutral phrases like “the person in the red shirt,” instead of “that woman or man.”

One way of acknowledging transgender people’s needs is to designate restrooms gender neutral. In bathrooms, many transgender people face harassment that can lead to anything from deep discomfort to arrest or death. Regardless of what bathroom you are in, please let everyone pee in peace. Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.

Please listen to transgender people’s needs and stories when they are volunteered; yet please respect people’s privacy and boundaries and do not ask unnecessary questions. Educate yourself through books, web sites, and transgender workshops. Then please join the many hardworking allies who are working to respond appropriately to transphobic situations. Respectful allies, who learn from and with transgender people and then educate others, are important for successful transgender liberation.

Thank you for your help and have a great conference!

Clinton Appointee Judge Rejects David Parker Lawsuit against Homosexual Programs in Grade School

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Appeals Judge issues outrageous ruling embracing homosexual ‘tolerance’ lessons, ignoring Constitutional religious guarantees; links ‘same-sex marriage’ to homosexual instruction

judge_sandra_lynch.jpg Judge Sandra Lynch

Folks, it is astonishing how far the “gay agenda” (which some homosexual activists say doesn’t exist!) has come in the last 30 years. From defending homosexual bars to opposing parents who merely want to be informed about pro-homosexuality lessons in their young child’s class, the agenda moves on.  Massachusetts and California are the states to watch to see where the homosexual youth- and school agenda is headed. 

We recommend carefully studying the MassResistance website, and other sites like Linda Harvey’s to get engaged on this issue. 


The following is’s report on Judge Lynch’s decision, which the Parkers and Wirthlins are appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court:  

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of David Parker Case

Judge issues outrageous ruling embracing homosexual “tolerance” lessons; uses notorious “1999 Curriculum Frameworks” in argument; Parker’s lawyers already preparing to appeal case to US Supreme Court

Federal Appeals Judge Sandra L. Lynch, a Clinton appointee, wrote the opinion 
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (JAN. 31, 2008) — A three-judge federal appeals panel issued a bizarre and horrific ruling today denying the recent appeal  by David Parker, his wife Tonia, and Rob and Robin Wirthlin in their federal Civil Rights case against the Lexington school system. The ruling, written Judge Sandra L. Lynch, upholds the dismissal of the case by Federal Judge Mark Wolf, agrees with his reasoning (with some minor exceptions) and even goes a bit further.


Strange legal reasoning
Judge Lynch shows little interest in the major point made by Parker attorney Rob Sinsheimer that the basic Constitutional protections of religious belief are being trampled on by the school. Instead, she attempts to show how Massachusetts law makes it necessary. She digs pretty deep to do that. In her ruling references 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act as mandating that standards “be designed to inculcate respect for the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity of the commonwealth.” 

Lynch then uses the extremely controversial Massachusetts 1999 Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework to justify homosexual-oriented “tolerance” lessons in the lower grades. She quotes from its “measurable goals” in the lower grades, such as “define sexual orientation using the correct terminology.”  But Lynch completely ignores the fact that that document was clearly intended as a non-mandatory, informal set of guidelines.  That is why Planned Parenthood has filed bill H597 this year to make that document a legal guideline, not informal. (Even the resources listed in the document are from the radical fringe.)

Lynch also presents an interesting analysis of the state Parental Notification Law (Ch. 71, Sec. 32A) which succinctly explains that it is so watered down — and is particularly compromised by the Department of Education’s “advisory rulings” — that it is essentially useless in this situation.

Lynch then observes that the 2003 Goodridge decision held “that the state constitution mandates the recognition of same-sex marriage” and therefore, she implies, the schools must recognize it also.

Most of the rest of Lynch’s reasoning consists of a merry-go-round of excerpts from various “case law” decisions going back several years. That is always suspicious, as we’ve seen throughout this case, because one can cherry-pick language from past decisions (often out of context) almost forever.

Click HERE for the full article on Judge Lynch’s ruling by MassResistance

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