Excerpts from Pornographic ‘Angels in America’ Used in Deerfield High School Classroom

angels_in_america_not_appropriate_for_schools.jpg SURELY TO THE DELIGHT OF ‘GAY’ PORNOGRAPHERS EVERYWHERE, homosexual activist Tony Kushner’s pornographic, sodomy-celebrating and blaspheming play, “Angels in America,” has made it into a high school classroom (in Deerfield High School north of Chicago). You simply will not believe it after reading some crude excerpts below from the play. Take action by clicking HERE.

WARNING: Pornographic and Highly Offensive Excerpts Follow

Note to Readers: the following are sample excerpts from what surely is one of the most disturbing selections ever to be used or considered as a literary resource for use in a high school — or any — classroom. We understand that most readers will be shocked by this material and some offended that it has even found its way onto our website, but please consider that this will be made available to underage (teenage) children in a classroom setting.

Parents MUST be aware that the public schools are becoming pro-homosexual indoctrination and desensitization centers. How did America get to this point where outright perversion is introduced to students in the guise of studying literature? —Peter LaBarbera

Click HERE to take action by emailing or calling DHS and District 113 authorities and read the North Shore Student Alliance’s news release.

Sample Excerpts from Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes

Part One: Millennium Approaches — Part Two: Perestroika

By Tony Kushner

WARNING: GRAPHIC AND VULGAR LANGUAGE! DO NOT READ FURTHER if you do not want to be exposed to the perverse reality of this awful play that is being promoted to young minds in a school setting!


• 50 F – words
• 27 S – words
• 24 G** damn’s
• 8 “Jesus Christ’s”
• many other offensive words (nigger, dick, bastard, asshole, cock, cunt, etc.)

TOTAL: 221 Vulgar Words (books are short – only 119 and 158 pages)

Man: What do you want?
Louis: I want you to fuck me, hurt me, make me bleed?
Man: I want to.
Louis: Yeah?
Man: I want to hurt you.
Louis: Fuck me.
Man: Yeah?
Louis: Hard?
Man: Yeah? You been a bad boy?
Man: Here, then
Louis: I . . . Do you have a rubber?
Man: I don’t use rubbers.
Louis: You should (He takes one from his coat pocket.)
Man: I don’t use them.
Louis: Forget it, then.
Man: No, wait. Put it on me, Boy.
Louis: Forget it, I have to get back. . .
Man: Oh, come on, please he won’t find out.
Louis: It’s cold. Too cold.
Man: It’s never too cold, let me warm up. Please?

(They begin to fuck.)
Man: Relax
Louis (A small laugh); Not a chance.
Man: It . . .
Louis: What?
Man: I think it broke. The rubber. You want me to keep going? (Little pause) Pull out? Should I . . .
Louis: Keep going. Infect me. I don’t care. I don’t care.

(Pause. The Man pulls out.)

The nose is really a sexual organ. . . . Smelling. And tasting. First, the nose then the tongue . . They work as a team, see. The nose tells the body – the heart, the mind, the fingers, the cock— what it wants, and the tongue explores, finding out what’s edible . . .
(Louis slips his hand down the front of Joe’s pants. They embrace more tightly. Louis pulls his hand out, smells and tastes his fingers, and then holds them for Joe to smell.. .. . . . they kiss again.)

Prior: OH! Oh. (He looks under the covers. He discovers that the lap of his pajamas is soaked with cum.) Fuck fuck fuck. Will you look at this! First goddamn orgasm in months and I slept through it. . . . . I am drenched in spooj. .. .Spooj? . . . . Cum. Jiz. Ejaculate. Spooj? Onomatapoetic, isn’t it. I’ve had a wet dream.

Roy: Hold a minute. God-fucking- dammit to hell . . . Jesus fuck this goddam thing.

Prior: I don’t remember, I don’t give a fuck. I want Louis. I want my fucking boyfriend, where the fuck is he?

Roy: . . . move your nigger ass out of my room. ….. move your nigger cunt spade faggot lackey ass out of my room.
Belize: Shit-for-brains filthy-mouthed selfish motherfucking cowardly cock-sucking cloven hoofed pig.

Louis: I don’t believe in God. I think you should know that before we fuck again (Joe bites one of Louis’s nipples.) . . . . Oh God, Oh God, I believe, I believe.

(Joe and Louis begin to fuck again.)

Louis: I’m losing myself in some ideological leather bar. The more appalling I find your politics the more I want to hump you. Bunker fucking; burn me up; may I never ever reemerge. . . . .

(They start to fuck.)

Harper: (Angry) I miss Joe’s penis.

Angel: Open me Prophet. I I I am The Book. Read.
Prior: Wait. Wait. How come . . . How come I have this . . . unm, erection? It’s very hard to concentrate.
Angel: The stiffening of your penis is of no consequence.
( . . . They both get very turned-on)
Prior: (Hit by a wave of intense sexual feeling): Hmmmmmm . . .
Angel: The Pulse, the Pull, the Throb, the Ooze . . .
Angel: Priapsis, Dilation, Engorgement, Flow. The Universe Aflame with Angelic Ejaculate
Prior: Oh, shit . . .
Prior: OH! OH! . . . . OH! Oh, Oh, oh . . .
Angel: HOLY Estrus! HOLY Orifice! Ecstasis in Excelsis! AMEN!

Prior: Oh. Oh God. ….. What was that?
Angel: Plasma Orgasmata. . . . . . .
Belize: Whoa, whoa whoa wait a minute excuse me please. You fucked this angel?
Prior: She fucked me. She has . . . well, she has eight vaginas.

Prior: Angelic orgasm . . . they used to copulate ceaselessly before . . .

Suck my dick, Mother Teresa . . .
Submitted by North Shore Student Advocacy
Contact us at: NSSAdvocacy@aol.com

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