LISTEN ONLINE/CWA: OK Lawmaker Under Vicious Attack by Anti-Christian Homosexual Hate Groups

Rep. Sally Kern assigned bodyguard after homosexual threats; trusts in God to protect her

Folks, I strongly urge you to listen to this radio program, and then contemplate the malevolence of homosexual activists who even went so far as to falsely label Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern’s son Jesse as “gay” to further their hate campaign against her. Click HERE to listen to the interview–Peter LaBarbera.

Concerned Women for America published this on March 14:

Oklahoma State Representative, Sally Kern (R), is under attack by anti-Christian homosexual hate groups, such as the so-called “Human Rights Campaign” and the “Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund,” for addressing the dangers posed to American culture by militant homosexual activism and celebration of the homosexual lifestyle. These groups have dispatched their minions in an effort to intimidate and embarrass Rep. Kern. Investigators are even looking into potential death threats against the lawmaker and she has been assigned a bodyguard. Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, spoke with Rep. Kern and with Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, about the hateful words and thinly veiled threats Rep. Kern has been forced to endure over the past few days. Click HERE to listen to the online program.

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