‘Queer’ Quotes: Hating Jesus, and Selfishness Redefined

Will Ellen DeGeneres campaign against the virulent anti-Christian hate among her fellow homosexuals?

ellen-degeneres.jpgBy Peter LaBarbera

Memo to Ellen DeGeneres and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund: perhaps before you start lecturing conservative Christians like Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern about their alleged “hate,” you ought to deal first with the hatred and meanness of your own fellow homosexuals. (Citing the murder of Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King, the GLVF outrageously wrote an open letter to Kern, stating, “Your words give aid and comfort to those who would hurt, maim and even kill people who are different from you.”)

Click HERE to listen to a recent Concerned Women for America online interview with Kern in which I participated.

Homosexual haters are everywhere in the blogosphere, as a quick visit to lesbian activist Pam Spaulding’s “Pam’s House Blend” blog will attest. Commenters on her site put the “m” back in mean, especially when they’re bashing Christians; they even make “The Pam” seem moderate by comparison — no small feat.

Along those lines, check out this particularly nasty screed, “The Gay Agenda,” by pro-homosexuals-in-the-military activist Clinton Fein — which a friend sent us after seeing it on another wicked “gay” blog called “Back Door Boy in a Front Door World”. (WARNING: these blogs contain highly offensive language.)

Though Fein is spoofing conservative Christians (we’re feeling your hate, Clinton), I find Points 5 and 11 in his 35-point “Gay Agenda” the most telling:

5. Reclaim Jesus. He was a Jewish queer to begin with, and don’t let anyone forget it….

11. Lie about your sexual orientation when giving blood. Screening of blood is either effective or not. If a celibate gay’s blood is more dangerous than that of sexually promiscuous heterosexual, the problem is in the screening process, not the orientation of the donor. Faggot blood is God’s blood.

We’ll leave Point 5 to the Lord to deal with, as one day poor Clinton will have to answer to Him, anyway. But here’s the odd thing about “Gay Agenda” Point 11: what other social movement would have a real-life story to which to link about violating a public safety blood donor ban in the name of defending “rights”? We at AFTAH missed this incredible story from South Africa in 2006 (emphasis added):

[South African] Gays in ‘Blood Flood’ Protest

Gay activists in South Africa have vowed to “flood” the country’s blood services with blood donated by gay men.

This follows an announcement by the South African National Blood Services that it would not accept donations from men who have sex with men.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance says its members would lie when asked the question: “Have you had male-to-male sex in the past five years?”

The Alliance claims members have already donated 120 units of blood.

It aims to flood the blood services with 70,000 units.

Alliance spokesman Juan Uys describes the question as “humiliating, offensive and an insult to gay men.” He says all blood should be treated equally. [ … like all “marriages”? — Editor]

Whoa. Selfishness redefined. Who knows if anyone died because of this twisted homosexual bid for “equality”? (The whole point of a blood ban is that the blood in question is not equal.)

How dare Rep. Kern say that pro-homosexuality activists are a threat to society!

And regarding Gay Agenda Point 8 — “Hate Crime laws are just the beginning. Once those are passed either federally or in all 50 states, begin campaign to eliminate homophobia entirely” — we know Fein is not kidding on that one.

Come to think of it, since Oklahoma has no pro-homosexual “hate crimes” law, maybe the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund jumped the gun in its campaign to smear and destroy Rep. Kern — who, if she really wanted to become a hater, could learn a few things from the Homosexual Activist Lobby. (See conservative blogger Clayton Cramer’s piece on our site: “Harassed Conservative Blogger Says Homosexual Activists Most Extreme.”)

P.S. We’re watching and we’re listening, too.

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