Mohler Expresses Concerns over ‘Evangelical Manifesto’

A leader in the Southern Baptist Convention says while he agreed with many elements of the recently released “An Evangelical Manifesto,” he did not sign the document for a number of reasons.

Last week, a group of Christian leaders released “An Evangelical Manifesto,” a document that organizers say is meant to reclaim the definition of what it means to be evangelical. But in a written response, Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler Junior explained he did not sign the document because of his concern for evangelical identity. Dr. Mohler also claims the document is not clear when it comes to the targets of its criticism.

Dr. Mohler also asked [Oz] Guinness about the document’s call for civility and its attempt to define a civil public space where persons from all belief systems are welcome.

“Civility is not just a matter of niceness, or in Christian terms, dealing with people through love,” Guinness replied. “And civility is not a matter of interfaith dialogue — the idea that if we talk long enough, we’ll all agree on some happy unity.”

Guinness then defined “civility” as being the “idea of a framework in which people of all faiths are free to enter and engage in public life, but within an acceptance of what’s right and just, and free for other people too.”

Mohler summed up his response to the Manifesto by saying it was too expansive in terms of public relations, and too thin when it comes to theology.

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