California Group’s Plan to ‘Block Homosexual ‘Marriages”

randy_thomasson_ccf.jpgFrom our friend Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families and their website:

California Homosexual “Marriage” Alert: What to Do Right Now

Campaign for Children and Families, Updated May 26, 2008

People are outraged that the California State Supreme Court has ruled to destroy the institution of marriage and to trample the people’s previous vote on marriage. [In 2000, California citizens voted by 61 percent for a statewide ballot law to preserve the age-old definition in the state as between one man and one woman.–Ed.] They’re asking what they can do.

Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) has a battle plan, and you need to be part of it. This is your generation’s war for marriage, children and the very foundation of society. Please scroll down for specific instructions and the four ACTION STEPS:

  1. Write Chief Justice Ron George
  2. Call and email Governor Schwarzenegger
  3. Call Dr. Mark Horton of the Office of Vital Records
  4. IMPORTANT: Call your county clerk in California

But first, realize that the California Constitution only allows the Legislature (through the passage of bills) and the voters (through the initiative process) to make new laws. Article 4, Section 1 reads: The legislative power of this State is vested in the California Legislature which consists of the Senate and Assembly, but the people reserve to themselves the powers of initiative and referendum.

Second, you need to know that the California Constitution expressly prohibits state judges from exercising lawmaking power, which only belongs to the Legislature and the people. Article 3, Section 3 reads: “The powers of state government are legislative, executive, and judicial. Persons charged with the exercise of one power may not exercise either of the others except as permitted by this Constitution.”

Therefore, the ruling to impose homosexual “marriages” upon California was tyrannical, unconstitutional, and immoral. Like many state legislatures that refused to accept the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1857 Dred Scott decision saying slaves were property not persons, Californians must not accept the California Supreme Court’s edict that marriage is no longer only for a man and a woman.

Click HERE to read the full “Action Plan” of the Campaign for Children and Families

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