VIDEO: Some Common Sense on ‘Gay Marriage’ from Down on the Farm

Folk, there’s more common sense and wisdom in this three-minute video by country Gospel singers and songwriters Lewis and Lewis than in a thousand court briefings by Lambda Legal (the leading homosexual activist legal pressure group — you know, the group that enables men who “cruise” for anonymous sex with other men in public park and bathrooms by giving them legal tips on how to “cruise safely”).

Perhaps the reason why so many homosexual activists are so unreasonable and vicious is that they’re trying in vain to justify the unjustifiable: sex between two people of the same sex will always be wrong and unnatural, no matter how many court victories the Homosexual Lobby wins. (The good news is homosexuals can change.) And don’t forget these three words if you are tempted to allow American judges to decide your morality: Roe versus Wade. — Peter LaBarbera

Click HERE or on the YouTube video below to play the Lewis and Lewis music video “Come on Down to the Farm”:

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