Can Homosexuals Change to Heterosexuals? Masters & Johnson Said Yes

steve_and_irene_bennett.jpg Steve Bennett, a former homosexual, and his wife Irene, with their two beautiful children, are a wonderful testimony to the possibility of healthy change for homosexuals. So if we already know that men and women can leave homosexuality behind, why isn’t this phenomenon studied in the academy? What are “queer” activists and liberal researchers afraid will be discovered?

Check out this fascinating nugget from a near-three-decades-old Time Magazine article on (pro-“gay”) sex researchers William Howell Masters and Virginia Johnson. Note the high success rate of homosexuals seeking change. This begs the question: why isn’t the potential for change for homosexuals studied in the academy today, or the environmental factors common in the development of homosexual identity? Instead, all we hear about are studies — many funded through taxpayer dollars — seeking to prove that homosexuality is genetic.

We already have ample proof that “gays” can change, despite the heated denials of fanatical (and very vocal) homosexual ideologues like Wayne Besen. Yet a stifling pro-homosexual political correctness hinders all inquiry into this part of the equation, which is sad, because many men and women with unwanted homosexual attractions could be helped through such research. Also, we know that homo-sexual behavior is very unhealthy (especially for men) — another subject worthy of government-subsidized research.

There are absolutely no logical or common-sense reasons why “changing-homosexuality” research and the environmental factors common in homosexual development should not be studied in the academy. It’s all about “gay” power and “gay” politics. AFTAH’s challenge to “queer” activists and their allies: what are you afraid will be discovered through such research? For the leading secular organization pursuing the reality of healthy change for homosexual men and women, see NARTH’s (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) website at — Peter LaBarbera

From Time’s article, “Masters and Johnson on Homosexuality,” April 23, 1979 (emphasis added):

One of the book’s most unexpected findings did not come out of the homosexual research project, but from sex therapy provided for gays–itself something of a pioneering venture. Between 1968 and 1977 the researchers treated, for various sexual problems, 151 homosexuals, including 54 men and 13 women who wanted to convert or revert to heterosexuality. M & J do not list a success rate for such conversions, only a known failure rate. That failure rate is now at 35%, and is not expected to exceed 45% when all the five-year follow-ups are completed. For professional therapists, many of whom believe that such conversions are rare or impossible, this is likely to be the book’s most surprising statistic. It would mean that a permanent, or at least longterm, switch to heterosexuality is possible more than half the time among gays who are highly motivated to change.

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