Armistead Maupin: Those ‘Tiny-Minded’ Pro-Marriage Bigots


armistead_maupin.jpgWhat’s coming “out of the closet” these days is the seething hatred that many “queer” activists like novelist Armistead Maupin (left) have for religious people — or anyone who dares to oppose the absurdity that is “gay marriage.” As a Christian, I too find it shameful that the Bible was used to sustain laws against interracial marriage, but I am not ashamed today to defend the Biblical ethic of keeping sex in marriage between a man and a woman. Like most homosexual activists, Maupin erroneously attaches his aberrant-sex-based movement to the noble Black civil rights struggle, and he conveniently neglects to mention that — back in the day when sodomy was considered a “crime against nature” — it was Christians who led the fight to end slavery.

Pro-marriage citizens should eschew Maupin’s brand of rancor and bigotry (check out his churlish last line), but we must match his intensity. Go HERE to help defend marriage in California. — Peter LaBarbera

This is from the homosexual magazine The Advocate (emphasis added):

“The battle has largely been won, I think. The mean and tiny minds who’ve made it their mission to ‘defend marriage’ have existed in every era and have always lost. They lost when black people were given the right to vote. They lost when women were finally enfranchised. They lost when the ban on interracial marriage was lifted. And in each of these instances they claimed with a righteous certainty to have God on their side, only to be roundly defeated by the abiding decency and good sense of the American people. Now we’re in the midst of another seismic culture shift, thanks to several generations of lesbians and gay men who’ve refused to live their lives in hiding. People know who we are now, and we’re just not that scary anymore. The old bigots are dying off, and the young ones are learning, at the very least, to deny their homophobia. Our happy ending is finally in sight.


–Armistead Maupin, “Calling a New Army of Lovers,” The Advocate magazine (the leading national magazine for homosexuals), July 1, 2008, p. 41. According to The Advocate, “Maupin is on tour for the paperback edition of his ninth novel, Michael Tolliver Lives, published by HarperCollins.”

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