I Now Pronounce You Party A and Party B: ‘Gay Marriage’ Begins in California; Will Florida Be Next?


john_stemberger_fljpg.JPGThe following was sent out by John Stemberger, chairman of Yes2Marriage.org, which is attempting to pass a constitutional amendment protecting the age-old definition of marriage in Florida:

Dear Friend,

Last night at 5:01 pm, so-called “gay marriages” started being performed in California for the first time. Unlike in Massachusetts where homosexual “marriages” are limited to the recognition of residents from just that state, now same-sex couples from all over the country will rush to California to try and get “married.” They will then return to states like New York to try to force recognition of these illegitimate unions. This kind of radical social change could easily happen in Florida over just the next 9 months.

By Early 2009, Florida’s Supreme Court Will Completely Change

With the recent resignation of Jeb Bush appointees Florida Supreme Court Justices Raul Cantero and Kenneth Bell, coupled with the mandatory retirement ages of Justices Charles Wells and Harry Lee Anstead in early 2009, the makeup and membership of the Florida Supreme Court will undergo a total change in well under 12 months. We hope and pray that Governor Charlie Crist will do what he promised to do in his campaign, namely appoint judges who will “strictly interpret the law, not expand upon it or legislate from the bench.” Time will tell. However Florida voters will not have to wait around to see which direction the court goes in order to protect marriage thanks to the Yes2Marriage.org campaign.

The People– and Not Judges Should Decide This Issue
By voting “Yes” on Amendment 2 on November 4, 2008, Floridians will simply take the existing state marriage law and pl ace it into the state constitution, to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Unlike most amendments, Amendment 2 does nothing new but merely protects something timeless, longstanding and precious. The people– and not activist judges should decide the future of marriage in Florida. Homosexual opponents of Amendment 2 have been whining for months with the curious observation that Amendment 2 is supposedly not necessary because “Florida law already prohibits gay marriage”. What is happening in California right now runs a locomotive through these disingenuous arguments.

Legalizing Gay Marriage Forces Thousands of Other Laws to Also Be Changed
The innocent-sounding idea of gay marriage has wide spread and far reaching consequences to the transformation of law, culture and society. When marriage is legally redefined, it simultaneously changes thousands of other laws. Marriage license forms will issued to “Party A and Party B.” The words “husband and wife” will be removed and replaced with “partners.” The words “Father and Mother” will become outdated terms. Every aspect of the law is gender-neutered. Laws which reflected the reality of human femininity and masculinity will be erased. Further, public school curriculum and textbooks will be transformed to model homosexual families. In order to avoid lawsuits for discrimination, public schools will begin to teach homosexual behavior as the moral, social and legal equivalent of marriage between a man and a woman. Listen to this NPR radio interview on how public school teacher Deb Allen in Massachusetts teaches lesbian intercourse to eight grade students with models and charts HERE. I promise you that this nonsense will be coming to Florida at political light speed unless we all work hard to tell others to vote “Yes” on Amendment 2.

This Election Will be Very Close and Your Support Could Make the Difference

Recent polls confirmed what we have known all along. The final vote outcome of Amendment 2 in Florida will be extremely close. So your individual participation can really make the difference between victory and defeat. Every vote cast, every hour volunteered and every dollar donated, will be critical to our success in our state — a state which has a long history of close elections. Can you imagine this amendment failing by thousands or even only hundreds of votes? What a tragedy! You really can make a difference in this historical effort.

“Gay Marriage” is Not Inevitable in this Country.

Homosexual marriages are not inevitable in this state or in this country. Twenty seven other states have also voted in overwhelming majorities that marriage is and should remain between one man and one woman. Florida would make the twenty eight state if 60% of voters say “Yes” to Amendment 2.

Will You Stand With Us?

Our opponents have 2.5 million dollars in the bank and most of which comes from homosexual activists outside of Florida reaching into the Sunshine State. We do not need to match our opponents dollar for dollar to defeat them. But make no mistake about it. We do need to raise serious money immediately to wage a credible campaign and preserve marriage in Florida.

Would you make a secure online contribution HERE?

Would you become part of (or start) a local Yes2Marriage Meet Up group HERE?

Would you sign up to volunteer HERE?

Would you link to our website or our Youtube, Facebook, or MySpace Accounts HERE?

Thanks for caring enough to get involved. Together we can be victorious and establish once and for all what is truly best for children, families and the common good of society.

John Stemberger

State Chairman,


4853 S. Orange Ave., Suite C, Orlando, FL 32806

(407) 251-1957

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