No Rash of Homosexual Firings, LaBarbera Says in Response to Kentucky Gov. Beshear’s Executive Order

From American Family Association’s OneNewsNow (full story and audio HERE):

Pro-family advocates are responding to the Kentucky governor’s promotion of homosexual behavior and gender confusion among state employees.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear issued an executive order earlier this month adding the phrase “sexual orientation or gender identity” to the non-discrimination policy for state employees. Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says the governor is potentially creating, rather than solving, problems for the state.

“When you create rights based on homosexuality, you’re making it harder to fire homosexuals who do a bad job,” he argues. “We know that homosexual activists are not shy to sue — and we know now that there’s no problem of homosexuals getting fired from jobs. The people getting fired from jobs these days are conservative Christians who oppose homosexuality.”

Beshear claimed that, before the policy change, “a gay person could be fired simply for being gay.” But LaBarbera says that is just not happening. “There’s no rash of homosexual firings … this is all a myth. And it’s designed to propel homosexual power forward. They know that if they get the protections put in place by a governor, the next step is they want to get them passed by the legislature. So it’s all about incremental ‘gay’ politics,” LaBarbera explains.

Click HERE to read the entire OneNewsNow story or to listen to Jeff Johnson’s audio report.

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