Another ‘Gay’ Activist Says LaBarbera Is Repressed Homosexual

Sent today via the AFTAH website: “gay” e-mail No. 13,479 suggesting that Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera is a secret homosexual because he criticizes homosexual activism. “Ralph” writes:

My God, what a dreadful website this is. Full of misinformation about Gays & Lesbians. Dearest Peter, you\’re a repressed self-hating homosexual. It\’s painfully obvious: It\’s just a matter of time when when you\’ll be outed. Remember basic high school psychology? Anyone who obsesses about something like homosexuality is probably feeling guilty or ashamed about something they\’ve done in the past. So fess up Pete, what are you ashamed of?

As with so many of such emails that we receive at AFTAH, our e-response to “Ralph” (“How illogical and silly, but thanks for regurgitating this cliche”) bounced back. Apparently anonymity really brings out the tiger in these homosexual harassers.

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