Massachusetts ‘Transgender Pride’ — As Tragic As It Gets

Women who want to be men march shirtless to display their flat chests after ‘transgender’ breast removal surgeries

transgender_2_boston.jpgCAUTION: VERY DISTURBING. This is a woman who had her (healthy) breasts removed to appear like the transgender “man” she wants to be. “Transgender” is the “T” to which homosexual activists refer when they promote “GLBT youth.” The pro-family organization MassResistance took this photo during a recent June 7 “transgender pride” parade in Northampton, Massachusetts. Click HERE for the full MassResistance report on this perverse parade.

The shocking photo-story by our good friends at MassResistance is one of the most tragic things I have ever seen. Once before at a transgender conference in Washington, D.C., I witnessed the pitiful spectacle of “transgender men” — that is, women who want to become “men” — showing off their flattened chests after their healthy breasts were removed in accordance with their perceived “gender identity.”

My heart aches for this poor woman — yes, woman — who is so deceived that she has permanently mutilated her own body to pursue a false “gender identity.” This is what happens when (wo)man’s “feelings” and confusion — and ideology — are elevated above nature itself, not to mention God.

Just remember this photo when you read or hear about homosexual activists (or Oprah, for that matter) benignly advancing the idea of “transgender” youth. Is this healthy change? Is this progress? Is this something to be proud of? Should “transgendered” behavior become the basis for legal rights? Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents: what would you say to a young woman in your extended family if she were to tell you that she does not consider herself female and she wants to pursue a male “identity”? Weren’t we better off in the old days when young people didn’t have so many choices? — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. The doctor who performed this “consensual” mutilation is guilty of exploiting and profiting off of gender confusion. Click here to read Amy Contrada’s in-depth report for MassResistance on “transgender rights”: “The Coming Nightmare of a ‘Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes’ Law in Massachusetts: Why Bill H1722 Must Be Defeated”


MassResistance writes June 18:

“Gay Pride Week” in Boston
Transgender parade: Public celebration by very disturbed people. Gruesome display of body mutilations.

Women with breasts cut off march shirtless in defiance of “homophobic” society. This is what your politicians, corporations, and schools are supporting

Gruesome public display of body mutilations:

This is where the transgender movement wants to take us. These women have purposefully had their breasts surgically cut off because they want to become men. Obviously, this surgery cannot be reversed. As a further act of defiance and expression of their anger at “transphobic” society, they remove their shirts and parade their scars in public. They also take huge amounts of male hormones. These people have very, very serious psychological issues.

Click HERE for the full MassResistance report with more photos.

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