Buy Exxon Gas — this Corporation Doesn’t Pander to the Homosexual Lobby

H/T to Jeremy Hooper of the pro-homosexuality website “Good As You” for calling to our attention this excellent video by Coral Ridge Ministries — commending Exxon-Mobil for standing strong in NOT capitulating to homosexual activist lobby. Just as Jeremy thanked us for highlighting 100-percent pro-homosexual Fortune 1000 corporations (according to the “gay” Human Rights Campaign) — so he and his “GLBT” readers could reward these companies with their spending — we thank Jeremy for reminding us why pro-family Americans should patronize Exxon-Mobil gas stations.

Buying gas is painful these days — and there’s much resentment against the Big Oil companies, Exxon included. But if you’re going to pay ridiculous prices at the pump anyway, why not reward a company that refuses to buckle to the aggressive and intolerant Homosexual Lobby? While you’re at it, follow the video’s advice (or go to Exxon’s Contact Page HERE) and commend Exxon Mobil’s executive team, while politely urging them not to give in to the homosexual activists.

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