SUNDAY SERMON: Homosexuality — The Breakthrough

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Friday, August 01, 2008

On today’s broadcast, we’ll hear the concluding message in our series “Perversion of the Picture – Distorting God’s Design.” Over the past several broadcasts, featured speaker Dr. Jim Shaddix has been focusing on the break-through or triumph one can have in overcoming the homosexual lifestyle. Today, he brings three very important guidelines to those who desire Christ-like victory over sinful behavior; enlist the help of other believers, build safeguards into your life, and give the process plenty of time. Sermon is available to watch or listen or download as an MP3 here:

See links below for more sermons in Shaddix’s series:

Homosexuality — the Breakthrough (7/31/08)

The primary battlefield of our personal, spiritual warfare, is the mind. Failure to understand this can, and does, result in simplistic, if not trite responses to people who are besieged by a sinful lifestyle. On this edition of Hope For Today, featured speaker Jim Shaddix concludes the 2nd installment of his message “Homosexuality – The Breakthrough”, as he looks at the Holy Spirit’s role in overcoming spiritual warfare and bondage. I Corinthians 6


Homosexuality — the Breakthrough (7/30/08)

In chapter six of Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth, he reminded his readers of the perils in unrighteous living. After listing many examples of this lifestyle, he used these words in verse 11, “And such were (emphasis) some of you.” Obviously, his usage of the past tense verb, indicates that it is possible to break free of the bondage of a nagging, sinful lifestyle. On Hope For Today, teaching pastor Jim Shaddix begins part two of the message “Homosexuality – The Breakthrough”, and resumes his look at the sequential steps in overcoming long-term, sinful behaviors. I Corinthians 6


Homosexuality — the Breakthrough (7/29/08)

When questioned about their lifestyle, a very common response from a member of the homosexual community is, “I was born this way.” Can that same mentality then be applied to one who steals or rapes? On Hope For Today, Riverside senior pastor Dr. Jim Shaddix looks deeper into the source of this mindset, and the problems that come with it as he continues the message “Homosexuality – The Breakthrough.” I Corinthians 6

There are more sermons by Jim Shaddix on homosexuality HERE.

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