Don’t Make Me Give up my Daily McDonald’s Visit, Says Illinois Mom

mcdonalds_boycott.jpgThe following is adapted from a note sent by Janine, an Illinois mom, to McDonald’s (emphasis added):

I am very conflicted about the boycott taking place because of my history with your company. I stop by my local McDonald’s every day for my large fountain Coke. Even when I travel, I make it a point to get to the nearest McDonald’s for my daily Coke. I have done that for years out of a preference for the taste and out of loyalty. I have read the biography on Ray Kroc and the history of the McDonald’s and have always had admiration for the man and his company. For the first time in my life, you are acting in a way that damages both my admiration and loyalty. I do not want to boycott McDonald’s, but you are forcing me into a position of compromise on doing business with a company every day that undermines my values. I take that personally.

You are going out of your way to put financial resources behind a group of individuals that choose to have sexual relations in an immoral, unnatural and unhealthy way. It would be fine if they were content to keep it to themselves, but they must flaunt this destructive lifestyle, dare to coerce others into supporting it, and threaten and castigate those who do not approve of it.

You have been asked to be neutral and withdraw your corporate sponsorship. It is a fair request for you to simply be neutral and not take a public position either way. Why do you insist on offending the majority of your customers to please a few? Please don’t make me give up my daily visit.

Janine, Illinois

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