Will Homosexual Activist ‘christians’ Admit that They Hate God’s Moral Law on Sex?

Does God have the right to oppose homosexual behavior?

The following is adapted from my response to a letter from a pro-homosexual activist who wrote AFTAH, making the usual obnoxious charges: that I am a “pornographer” (for exposing San Francisco’s government-tolerated public street depravities) — and, of course, that I am a secret homosexual (“You are gay and part of you knows it and HATES it”). It’s all par for the course when you cover the loving and tolerant GLBT community. — Peter LaBarbera

Note to hostile “gay” activist:

You worry about getting your gay allies in San Francisco to stop having sex in the streets, then you can deal with Zombietime, which is a non-Christian site that exposes all the nutty goings-on re: that World Famous Gay Mecca — and which exposed the San Francisco depravities just as they were. That’s called documenting heinous public perversions — not “porn.”

“My, my, you are full of hate… Let’s see, using your (il)logic: if I’m gay, then are you a conservative evangelical Christian, since you obviously monitor and oppose us earnestly. How ludicrous.

[After I recommended in a previous e-mail that he visit the website of ex-“gay” Christian Stephen Bennett, the writer calls Bennett “beyond RETARDED.” He writes, “I pray for you. May God have mercy on you.”]

[I continue:]

Grow up, [—–] I’m not really interested in your twisted opinions about “porn,” nor am I very interested in your prayers because they are nullified by your deep rebellion against God (if you are indeed a practicing homosexual). If that’s the case, you hate God’s moral law on sex as much as some guy cheating on his wife and trying to justify his bad behavior. Be a man and admit it — you hate God’s law on sex.

One thing I find so annoying about so many “queer” activists is they want to have it both ways: they want to practice and/or defend sodomy and homosexuality — revealed throughout Judeo-Christian history as sinful — yet they also want to call themselves faithful Christians. Can’t have it both ways.

Does God have the right to oppose homosexual behavior? Please answer that theoretical question. And perhaps you shouldn’t delude yourself that you are a Christian, because Christians don’t defend sodomy and other sexual sins.

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