Harvey: California ‘Corruption Footprint’ Not Wanted in Middle America

Harvey to join AFTAH in exposing Folsom Fair’s public filth in Nancy Pelosi’s district

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PROFITING OFF OF PERVERSION: Miller Brewing Company took out a full-page ad (left) in the 2008 Folsom Street Fair Official Program Guide, on page 40. Five pages before that is this “StraightHell” ad that glories in the depraved and sadistic behaviors celebrated by this annual San Francisco “fair.” At least the gross Folsom ad has got one thing right: these boys are going STRAIGHT TO HELL if they don’t repent of this wickedness and accept Christ’s forgiveness. You can contact Miller though their spokesman Julian Green at green.julian@mbco.com or phone: 1-800-MILLER 6 or 414-931-2000.

Folks, AFTAH is organizing this event in America’s “queer” Mecca later this month to remind the rest of the country (and Californians voting on the marriage protection) about the downward spiraling trajectory of liberal “tolerance” and the homosexual activist agenda. My good friend Linda Harvey will be joining us in exposing this sure-to-be unbelievably evil spectacle occurring on Sept. 28 in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s city. Democrats with any sense of decency and “family values,” as they say, should be ashamed at what their party has become: enablers for the worst public perversions known to mankind (see Mayor Gavin Newsom’s welcoming letter to the Folsom Street Fair HERE). — Peter LaBarbera

PS. The organizers for Folsom tried to intimidate Americans For Truth from publishing graphics from their website and Program Guide — including the welcoming letter from Mayor Newsom, a public servant! It did not work: we have “fair use” rights to expose their filth. More on that in another post.


Mission America writes:

California ‘Corruption Footprint’ Not Wanted in Middle America

September 8, 2008

Contact: Linda Harvey, (614) 442-7998, lpharvey@missionamerica.com

(Columbus, OH) Traditional families, especially children, will be harmed if California forces its sexual deviance on the rest of America, says Linda Harvey of Mission America.

Harvey joins other pro-family groups later this month in San Francisco to protest and expose the Folsom Street Fair, a public street orgy which includes sado-masochism, full nudity and homosexuality. They will also discuss the urgent need to pass Proposition 8, the ballot initiative upholding traditional marriage.

The event falls on Sunday, September 28, following “Leather Pride Week.” The alleged crowd estimate of 400,000 has no age restrictions, merely warnings about the “adult oriented nature” of activities. Last year, children were observed in the crowd where they could witness, for example, bare-bottomed men being whipped.

“There ‘s one big question: why?” said Harvey. ”How can Mayor Newsom, city officials and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who represents San Francisco) tolerate disturbed people publicly displaying this deviance as police stand by and do nothing to stop it?

“California’s unsustainable sexual license is not an export we welcome in middle America,” said Harvey. “We don’t want same sex ‘marriage’ legalized, nor to have our children taught to praise homosexuality, as California children now must do after the passage of SB 777 and AB 394. And we don’t want naked people having sex in our streets.” Under the new laws, children must be taught favorable viewpoints about homosexuality and transgenderism. Other opinions are banned.

If Proposition 8 fails  —  and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama succeed in their stated goal of repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act —  all states could  be forced under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution to recognize homosexual ‘marriages’ legalized by a CA court ruling in May.

Joining Mission America for the protest are Americans for Truth, American Family Association of Pennsylvania, the St. Joseph Men’s Society and other concerned groups.

“The ‘corruption footprint’ of California is staggering,” Harvey stated. “Sadly, San Francisco is a dying city discarding its children. Its only hope is the ‘offset’ provided by the fresh air of California’s traditional, caring families. Hopefully, these families will turn this state around and spare the rest of America from the polluting effects of California’s moral decay.”

Web site: www.missionamerica.com

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