LISTEN ONLINE — Harvey, LaBarbera Discuss Folsom Deviant Sex Fair

Concerned Women for America writes regarding our interview with CWA’s Marth Kleder:

Folsom Street Fair: a Newcomer’s View

Despite entry signs stating that “nudity is illegal” public nudity and even sex acts were a common sight at this year’s Folsom Street Fair. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, and Linda Harvey, Director of Mission America, note that the perversion, darkness and anti-Christian bigotry that typify this annual street fair, is a sign of things to come for communities across our nation as the result of anti-discrimination laws aimed at protecting sexual choices and practices gain a greater foothold. While Peter has exposed this event twice in the past, Linda viewed it for the first time as an average citizen. She shares her perspective on the fair, its approval by civic leaders and its implications for future public safety and education policies. Click HERE to listen  | Download by clicking HERE

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