Four Judges Force Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ on Connecticut

fols_08_illegitimate_love.jpgHomosexual so-called “marriage” is wrong first and foremost because homosexual behavior and relationships are always wrong. Marriage was given by God to celebrate His divine plan of uniting man and woman to create a family and reflect Christ’s love for His Church — not to bless “unions” based on sinful and deviant sexuality. Any church that blesses “gay marriage” or same-sex relationships is a false church. And government recognition of counterfeit same-sex “marriage” will force such arrangements to be taught as normal to young students. It also will force small businesses to subsidize sodomy-based “marriages” with company benefits — like they do with normal, married employees. Thankfully, God through Christ has delivered thousands of men and women from homosexuality. This photo was taken Sept. 28 by AFTAH at the Folsom Street Fair, a massive outdoor deviant sex celebration in San Francisco. Click on photo (twice) to enlarge.– Peter LaBarbera

Below are messages sent out yesterday (Oct. 10, 2008) by the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values (CCV), and the Family Institute of Connecticut Action (FIC). CCV led the effort to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment referred to below — which is one of the strongest such amendments in terms of its coverage nationwide


CCV writes:

Pray for our nation!

Four judges force same-sex marriage on Connecticut

In yet another tragic usurpation of legislative authority, four judges in the Connecticut Supreme Court today redefined marriage for all the residents of that state. Four agenda-driven judges have distorted the Biblical truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman only – the truth that has been recognized by every thriving society since the beginning of civilization.

By a 4-3 majority, the Connecticut Supreme Court today ruled that the Connecticut law banning same-sex marriage, a law put in place by the citizens’ elected representatives, was unconstitutional. Connecticut thereby joins Massachusetts and California as the only states that have rejected the truth of marriage by accepting “same-sex marriages.” In both of those other states, as well, same-sex marriage was forced upon citizens by four out-of-control judges acting contrary to the expressed will of the people.

The inevitable ramifications of these decisions are frightening! Public and private schools will be forced to teach that marriage between two men or two women is normal. Churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriages will stand to lose their tax-exempt status.

Below is a press release on the decision issued by our sister organization, Family Institute of Connecticut.

Praise God that in 2004 the people of Ohio joined together to embed the truth of marriage in Ohio’s Constitution, out of the reach of rogue judges.

This outrageous decision highlights the importance of marriage amendments on the November 4th ballots in California, Arizona and Florida. Pray for those states. And pray for the election of national leaders who understand that embedding the truth of marriage in our U.S. Constitution is the only ultimate solution to this ungodly chaos.

These four judges in Connecticut are part of a growing force that seeks to destroy the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was built. Please go to to find out where every candidate on your November 4th ballot stands on the issue of marriage, life and other fundamental issues.


PRESS RELEASE from Family Institute of Connecticut Action, October 10, 2008

Family Institute of Connecticut Condemns Supreme Court Decision; Calls for Direct Vote by the People

The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) today condemned the state Supreme Court’s decision to impose same-sex “marriage” by judicial fiat. FIC rallied three thousand state residents just two weeks ago to protest the judicial usurpation of democracy and to demand the right held by 25 other states—to let the people decide!

FIC executive director Peter Wolfgang stated, “Even a legislature as liberal as ours has heeded the will of the people and said no to same-sex ‘marriage’ year after year. With today’s ruling the Supreme Court has said to the people of Connecticut that ‘No, even this victory will be denied to you. We, your robed masters, will decide the big questions of politics and you little people will have no choice but to bend to our will.’ By ruling in this way the Court has undermined its own legitimacy and called into question whether we are still a free and self-governing people in Connecticut. But we will not bow to the dictates of a handful of self-appointed philosopher kings. If the Court will not respect its proper role to interpret, not make, law then we will seek other remedies. We will work for a majority “yes” vote this November 4th to hold a state constitutional convention and will fight to get a direct initiative law out of the convention. And then we will put a question on the ballot to allow the public—not our robed masters—to decide once and for all if marriage will be protected in our state constitution as the union of a man and a woman.

“Connecticut does not want judges to impose same-sex ‘marriage’ by undemocratic fiat. Connecticut wants the same right exercised by 28 other states: to decide by direct initiative whether marriage will be protected or redefined. We need the right that exists in all but 19 states: to let the people have direct say over our laws. The Court’s willingness to undemocratically impose same-sex ‘marriage’ on Connecticut has made it necessary for us to demand the right to Let the People Decide. And that is why thousands of us will vote ‘yes’ for a constitutional convention on November 4th.”

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