Homosexuals Call for Violence against Christian Supporters of Prop 8


Surprise, surprise. Some “queer” activists are revealing their homo-fascist tendencies in the wake of the passage Tuesday of the pro-traditional-marriage amendment Prop 8 in California. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel — who is also a Board Member of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality — issued the release below exposing the intolerance of some homosexual opponents of Prop 8.

The two web posts shown here are copied from the vicious homosexual activist website “Queerty” (which is no fan of AFTAH either). To be fair, there were also posts from homosexual activists — including “gay” icon Frank Kameny — condemning the violent statements. Said Kameny mockingly:

Yes, isn’t it wonderful that all these wonderful boys and girls who fly their rainbow flag and talk about “tolerance” would advocate violence against institutions and people that didn’t vote their way in an election, i.e. the free exercise of DEMOCRACY.” Fidel [Castro] and Hugo [Chavez] would be oh so proud.

The despicable “Queerty,” posts are among the “comments” to a Queerty post titled, “You’ll want to punch them” — showing Prop 8 backers celebrating on election night. Queerty’s webmaster has not removed these two postings even after Barber sent out his release criticizing them yesterday. WorldNetDaily reports on the “gay” anti-Prop 8 intolerance HERE.

Now just imagine the outcry if a Christian site left up a comment from a guy calling on readers to burn down a “gay” church. — Peter LaBarbera



Barber’s release follows:

Contact:  jmattbarber@comcast.net

DATE: November 5, 2008

“Gays” Call for Violence Against Christian Supporters of Prop 8

Lynchburg, VA – In a stunning reaction to the passage of state constitutional marriage protection amendments in California, Arizona and Florida, several self identified homosexuals on a number of homosexual blogs are advocating violence against Christians and other supporters of traditional marriage.  Additionally, some homosexuals are calling for church burnings in response to yesterday’s three state referenda in defense of natural marriage.

In a blog entry titled “You’ll Want to Punch them” on Queerty.com, poster “BillyBob Thornton” wrote, “… I have never considered being a violent radical extremist for our Equal Rights, But now I think maybe I should consider becoming one.”

“Stenar” asked (see graphic at top), “Can someone in CA please go burn down the Mormon temples there, PLEASE. I mean seriously. DO IT.” “Angelo Ventura,”  said, “… hope they all rot in hell, those servants of a lying, corrupt devil!
BAN RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM!”  And, “Jonathan,” warned, “I’m going to give them something to be f – ing scared of. … I’m a radical who is now on a mission to make them all pay for what they’ve done.”

Meanwhile, over at JoeMyGod.blogspot.com, “World O Jeff,” said, “Burn their f–ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.” While, “Tread,” wrote, “I hope the No on 8 people have a long list and long knives.”  “Joe,” stated, “I swear, I’d murder people with my bare hands this morning.”

And on the Americablog.com Web site, “scottinsf” posted:

“Trust me. I’ve got a big list of names of mormons and catholics that were big supporters of Prop 8. … As far as mormons and catholics … I warn them to watch their backs.” [AFTAH follow-up: we checked this blog comment and the first part of the post was removed, so that it now reads: “As far as mormons and catholics … I warn them to watch their backs.”]

Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Alliance Action and Liberty Counsel, said, “This is not just a matter of some people blowing off steam because they’re not happy with a political outcome.  This is criminal activity.  The homosexual lobby is always calling for ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ and playing the role of victim.  They claim to deplore violence and ‘hate.’  Here we have homosexuals inciting, and directly threatening, violence against Christians.  This is not free speech; these are ‘hate crimes’ under the existing definition.  Imagine if Christian Web sites were advocating such violence against homosexuals.  There’d be outrage, and rightfully so.  It’d be national front-page news.  Federal authorities should immediately investigate these threats and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.  I also call on the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and other leaders within the homosexual lobby to immediately call for an end to these homosexual threats of violence against Christians.”


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