Another Limerick – Tolerance for Me But Not for Thee

Here’s another AFTAH limerick:

“Tolerance for me but not for thee!”
That’s the “queer” way, can’t you see?
All that yelling and screaming
Christian Right-haters teeming
Can “Gay” America preserve liberty?

Well, our entry into the world of poetry predictably was met with some “gay” responses — many of which were ad hominem. (The Left lives in Ad Hominem.) You can read a couple entries from New York City “queer” blogger Jeremy Hooper below or more on this left-wing pacifist site. Pray for young Jeremy: he’s sort of stuck in that liberal “Mean People Suck” rut, wondering if Prop voters were “cruel, mean or sick” — as if defending Judeo-Christian tradition and marriage is about being mean or demented. (All those mean-spirited, crazed African Americans in California who just don’t understand ‘civil rights’…How dare you stray from that liberal plantation!)

I suppose, by extension, those in Jeremy’s camp hold that: 1) traditionalists like the many supporters of Americans For Truth are either misreading the Bible (even though we follow the ancient teachings of churchmen through the centuries); or that: 2) God Himself is a big meanie. Of course, they can’t come right out and say that God Is a Mean Homophobic Bigot (although some do), so instead most pro-“gay” ideologues go for Option 1 and — if they’re not simply dismissing “organized religion” — attempt to radically redefine the Bible and Christianity itself to accommodate their homosexual/bisexual/transgender/“genderqueer”/[insert rebellious sexual/gender preference HERE] lifestyle.

Nothing new there: sinners of all persuasions have sought to rationalize their God-rejecting behaviors since the beginning of time. But it’s much better to stop running from God and humbly accept His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. A good place to start is by reading the Gospel of John; chapter 3 and chapter 8 contain some of the most stunning passages ever written if you are curious about Who Christ Is (whom He claims to be) and Why He Came to earth. I’ve accepted this compelling Truth about the Son of God (although I still struggle to comprehend it!), and would encourage all readers — “gay,” bi, straight-as-can-be, pre-op-male-to-female-transsexual, or whatever — to do the same.

Because where you spend eternity after this short time on earth is no light-hearted matter. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth


Now here are a couple of limericks from Jeremy Hooper’s “Good as You” blog below:

There’s a group for whom rights are a quarrel
They’re obsessed with both anal and oral
Out of boredom or hurt
They treat gays like dirt
And then smugly call themselves ‘moral’

Prop 8 stripped rights away
From folks, both les and gay
The vote was historic
‘Were they cruel, mean, or sick?’
Is what some in the future might say

And here’s Jeremy’s favorite, albeit not a limerick:

There once was a gay man from Nantucket
He can marry there and Peter LaBarbera can do absolutely nothing about it.

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