LISTEN ONLINE – AFTAH on CWA Discusses Dan Savage and ‘Call in Gay Day’

By Peter LaBarbera

dan_savage.jpgX-rated homosexual sex columnist Dan Savage — who once engaged in “flu terrorism” against 2000 GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer — has a unique plan to save marriages and reduce the number of divorces….

Click HERE TO LISTEN to (or download below) my online interview today with Martha Kleder of Concerned Women for America in which we discuss: 1) “Call in Gay Day”; and 2) homosexual adoption activist Dan Savage’s advocacy of marital “nonmonagamy” (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Savage, who adopted a baby boy several years ago, sounded positively responsible and caring recently on CNN and the Michael Medved Show — but somehow his defense of his two separate “three-ways” with his homosexual “husband” Terry never came up.

Savage has already responded to CWA’s posting of this online interview on his blog, where he congratulates himself for encouraging straight couples to inject a little nonmonogamy into their marriages, too. You see, by helping to strike down that last vestige of puritanical extremism — “unrealistic expectations about lifelong fidelity” — Dan is doing his part to “save marriages, and protect our children.” What a guy. Yep, if only more American men and women could learn to loosen up a little on their preoccupation with their spouse’s faithfulness, marriages would be saved and divorces would plummet!

I can picture Philandering Phil — fresh from reading a “Savage Love” column — explaining his latest tryst to his wife: “But Peggy, I did it for the children. You want us to stay together, don’t you? Then I need a little outside sex if this marriage is going to survive. Work with me on this!”

Poor city-dwellers. I guess this brand of post-modern drivel is what you should expect when you get your sex advice from a homosexual activist with a massive chip on his shoulder against the Christian sexual ethic. More on Dan “Three-Way” Savage’s very queer responses to our posts later. Below is CWA’s description of the interview:

CWA writes:

Homosexual Activist Promotes “Nonmonogamy”


In reaction to strong votes for traditional marriage across the country in November, homosexual activists are redoubling their efforts to influence the culture; even to impose their values on it. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, discusses two key news items that highlight that fact. LaBarbera discusses the upcoming “Call in Gay Day” where homosexuals are urged to stay home from work one day by calling in “gay.” The other involves homosexual activist Dan Savage’s attempts to make “nonmonogamy” more acceptable in the heterosexual community, just as he says it is in the homosexual community. Listen | Download

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